Are You A DAWG

How Can You Tell If You’re A DAWG?

Before you go any further, you may be asking yourself ,why is this site even here, and further more, why should I even care if I know whether or not I’m a DAWG. And you know what, you’d be exactly right. What prompted this site? Why is it here? Well, here’s a short history of it’s inception.

It doesn’t take a social scientist to describe the direction in which this country is headed.  The feminization of America has made being a Man instead of just a “male” something to be scorned and ridiculed.  Watch any TV commercial, and the man of the house is regularly painted as the dolt – the nere-do-well – the out of touch and clueless buffoon.

But how could that be?!  He was the one pulling the wagon, bearing the load, caring for his family, doing the right thing – in short, HE is the backbone of this country. Without HIM, there is no country! He’s not out protesting. He doesn’t have the time!  He’s too busy working hard to support himself and his family – doing the right things.

No matter what’s wrong with the country, no matter who is oppressed, or who didn’t get a “fair shake”, it’s the Decent Average Workin’ Guy whose blamed.

And yet, he remains the brunt of seemingly senseless ridicule. He is regularly portrayed as the reason for all the great problems in this country; why women are oppressed – why there are wars – why homosexuals are discriminated against – why religion is “forced” on “innocent” children. He single-handedly pillaged and stole this country from the Indians. He is why species are endangered. He is the eco-rapist, and on and on and on……

How had this happened.  How had DAWGs NOT KNOWN this was happening? The answer became obvious; It was simply “diligence”. They were too busy working, spending time with their families, or just trying to relax from their tasks, to develop an argument to refute this injustice.

That time should be over!!      And THAT is the intention of this site.

When you mention these observations to another DAWG, the response is an overwhelming and energetic affirmation. It is as though someone has finally heard them – finally realized the truth.  And they too go “Yeah…Ya know, you’re absolutely right!”

This then is the purpose of; to bring DAWGs together. To provide a gathering place where the voices of other DAWGs can be heard and acknowledged; and who knows, maybe someday, reckoned with. So if you’re not encumbered by racial stereotypes, prejudices and biases, and want to find out if you’re a DAWG? Read on……..

You can tell you’re a DAWG, if you:
bullet Believe right is right, and wrong is wrong, no matter who you are.
bullet Take care of your family, and don’t expect a special award for doing it.
bullet Think America is the greatest country in the world.
bullet Take responsibility for your actions, without blaming your personal history.
bullet Think “Political Correctness” is a substitute for truth and honesty.
bullet Are a “serial law abider”.
bullet Are a “peace monger”.
bullet Are a habitual “do gooder”
bullet Are heterosexual, and don’t feel the need to apologize for it.
bullet Earn your jobs and promotions through qualifications, and not legislation.
bullet Desire justice, not tolerance.
bullet Lead by example.
bullet Believe children should be raised by parents and not villages.
bullet Believe in a “hand up”, and not a “hand out”.
bullet Measure a person by their character, not by race, religion, or color.
bullet Think of yourself as just an “American” American, without the hyphen