‘Late Night w/ Jimmy Fallon’ House Band Bashes Bachmann

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Michelle Bachmann had what appeared to be a rather friendly, non-contentious, and all around good visit to “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” the other night, but a recent tweet from house band leader QuestLove suggests that he delivered a subtle insult to the Congresswoman.

For the most part, it was benign, and culminated with Bachmann attempting a few jabs at her opponents during a comedy bit. Harmless, really. No room for claims of “gotcha” or media bias. But then we got word that Fallon‘s house band is boasting about the song it played for Bachmann’s entrance music, “Lyin’ Ass Bitch.” And now you can be sure that a fairly innocent appearance is about to get much, much bigger

Video of the entrance…………….

Beck was furious at the action, and called for Fallon to step up and rebuke the band.

“Inexcusable. Jimmy Fallon, you should be ashamed of yourself,” Glenn said.

Stu said that Questlove, the leader of the house band The Roots, had tweeted out about the song before Bachmann’s appearance on the show.

“If you do that to my guest, you tweet, I fire you,” Glenn said. “You do that to Michele Bachmann or Michelle Obama, I fire you.”

“She’s a guest in my home. She’s a guest on my show.”

“Fallon? Really? Really? Unbelievable. You people make me sick. I would never, ever even consider doing that. I wouldn’t do that to George Soros. I would never do that, I would never invite someone onto my ‑‑ she didn’t inflict herself on you. You invited her! You invite her into her own space, you treat her like that?”

Stu went to Fallon’s defense, saying that the story had just broke and there could be more coming from the popular ‘Late Night’ host.

Glenn warned Stu that if Stu did something like that to one of his guests he would fire them, and called for Fallon to do the same to Questlove.

“It is totally fine to make jokes. But you don’t treat people like that. Ever. Ever. Ridiculous. Inexcusable,” Glenn said.

Fallon has since tweeted “Questlove has been grounded”, but no further action appears to have taken place.


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