AARP And Their Billion $$$ ObamaCare Payoff

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A just-released report by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) shows how the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP), manipulated their 40 million members for a billion-dollar ObamaCare payoff!

At the height of the ObamaCare debates, when AARP’s own phone logs indicated that by a margin of 50 to 1 seniors didn’t support ObamaCare, the AARP knowingly misled their members into believing that the gutting of Medicare ($716 billion in cuts) through ObamaCare was a positive move that would benefit seniors.

Nothing could be further from the truth…

As reported at, “the same Medicare cuts will give the AARP a windfall of $1 billion in insurance profits, and preserve another $1.8 billion that AARP already generates from its business interests.”

But it gets even worse …

While seniors were looking for honest answers about how ObamaCare would impact them (many turning to AARP for those answers), the AARP was aggressively lobbying to block bipartisan plans to reform Medigap coverage. They eventually succeeded. A move that DeMint says “cost the average senior as much as $415 in premiums per year.”

But the great “Senior Swindle” isn’t over. Severe cuts to Medicare Advantage will force many seniors into government-run plans thus increasing the number of people who need Medigap insurance – something AARP is all too willing to provide because as one of the nation’s largest private health insurers, they receive a 4.95 percent royalty on every policy.

AARP says they are a non-partisan organization representing American seniors. As the DeMint report clearly shows, the AARP is only interested in maximizing their profits and will manipulate and mislead seniors to achieve their means.



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