An Entertaining Evening

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Tonight, the president gives his State of the Union address. And if the past couple of weeks are any type of indicator, this particular speech should be something worthy of Saturday Night Live. Understand, that I don’t say that to be some kind of wiseguy or Obama basher. I just happen to think that my assessment and prediction is going to be absolutely accurate.


For example, let’s look at Scott Brown’s shocking victory in Massachusetts. This had to be the political equivalent of the St. Valentine’s Day massacre. And as soon as the election was over, and Brown was declared the victor, the White House immediately went into hyper-spin mode.


How is that you ask? Simple. It was like a scene out of the movie Transformers. This suave, debonair, man on campus – this master orator and highly intellectualized ivy league author, suddenly becomes just one of the average folk. The only thing the White House didn’t say was that Obama was” down for the struggle”.


I mean, really! Do they think we’re that stupid? Wait a minute, I guess they do. Because the White House expects us to believe that the very same guy who bashed the people in the flyover zone for being the rubes who were bitterly clinging to their guns and religion – the very same guy who said the Cambridge Massachusetts police behaved “stupidly”, before he even had any of the facts – the guy who stuck his nose in the air so high it blotted out the sun while he slammed Scott Brown for driving a pickup truck – yes, that same guy is now wanting us to believe he’s just one of the boys.


How can this amazing transformation take place so rapidly and with such spontaneity? I mean, we’ve been watching this guy for the last year, as he stood atop Mount Olympus, surrounded by a full body halo while he deigns to pontificate to all of the great unwashed who just don’t get it – taking mercy upon them, and bestowing his wisdom through a bottomless well of beneficence – just so us poor downtrodden morons could be saved through his grace.


And now he wants us to believe he’s going out for a beer with Joe the plumber?!


I’ll tell you how this amazing trance-formation was able to take place. It can be summed up through simply naming three geographic locations: Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia. And it will be this “OMG!!” effect that sets the tone for tonight’s speech.


Much like a wife watching her husband’s face turn red, while  trying to squeeze into a tuxedo he hasn’t had on in five years, we will watch President Obama try to shoehorn himself into the persona of a populist. We shall watch, as he awkwardly tries to co-opt the outrage of the tea party folks – outrage I might add that was summarily dismissed by his Democrats as “ignorant” and “racist”. Watch and wait for that seminal Clintonesque moment when he says “I feel your pain.”


Do you remember the speeches given by President Obama and Vice-President  Biden on Monday? These were their attempts to refresh and invigorate their image in the eyes of us idiots. It was reported that they used the phrase “middle-class” no less than 27 times! And do you remember the admittedly well coined phrase “the class that made the 20th century the American century”. I’ve got to admit, that was pretty clever. But the question is did it work? If you’re one of those who are still taking therapeutic doses of obamodium, it probably did. If not, it probably didn’t.


And that’s not really surprising. Approximately 3/4 of US investors view Obama as being anti-business. Obviously, they don’t want that perception to stick. But at the same time they need to garner public approval by appearing to really hold the feet of big business to the fire. After all, those were the dastardly curs that created this catastrophic mass!  And  class envy has always worked before…..right?  So it will be interesting to see how many negative innuendos are tossed in the direction of Wall Street and big bankers.


The entertainment value should continue in a steady stream at the expense of George W. Bush. It will be interesting to see how much of his debacle he will once again try  to pawn  off on that threadbare excuse of “the previous administration”.


Any thinking person should realize by now, that in this social climate, one can get away with anything in the name of “doing it for the children”, or “to protect the environment”.  But there is a third, golden magic word invoked by liberals, to evoke public empathy. The term is “values”. With the spontaneous insinuation of this word into any premise, common ground is immediately established between the scurrilous and the moral.


So grab some popcorn and a beverage, because this is shaping up to be an entertaining evening!  And keep your eyes open tomorrow, and see how many people you talk to actually bought it.


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