Anybody Else As Mad As Me?

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Look, I many not be too bright, but I HAVE run a successful business for 30 years. And if I ran my business like congress runs our country, I would have been broke a long time ago! It’s time “We the People” speak out, and I certainly have more than one complaint (to which for now, I STILL seem to be entitled to voice).

First – according to the constitution which I we are governed by – why has congress spent 9 months trying to rationalize a health plan that will destroy this nation?!  Does it not matter to them, that 75% of the constituents of these great congressmen and women disagree with it?  Let me see now, didn’t I read somewhere something about “of the people, by the people and for the people”… Oh, that must have been some “other people”.

Anyway….on with my gripes. Next, I feel like I am being held in jail with no one to take my side.  There is nothing I can do, and no one will listen.  I have abided by the rules – done it the “right” way.  I write, call and email my congressman, and woman – and I get a nice email back, but the stupidity continues.

And while we’re stuck on stupid, why hasn’t our great congress spent their time creating jobs, and finding things that would ACTUALLY help the general public?  Not what they keep coming up with to DESTROY the public!

My frustration went to critical mass, when I found out that on Christmas eve, “we the people” gave a blank check to the 2 housing entities most responsible for the mess we’re in today – Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac! And right after Obama told us he was going to hold the “fat cats” accountable, he approves bonuses for the employees of those two agencies, to the tune of 200 million dollars plus!  Does anyone out there know what $200 million PLUS the $400 billion that we’ve  already given them would do to stimulate the economy?!

And STILL the ambush continues…….I read yesterday that the “cash for clunkers program” could actually wind up COSTING a participant $3850, once the taxes are paid! And I thought price gouging was against the law.  But apparently not, when it’s sponsored by our own government.

It was reported that 4 major car companies raised the prices on many popular models from an average of $12,500.00 (the price they were selling the cars for a month earlier) to $15,500.00.  That seems like a pretty healthy profit….let’s see $3,000.00 + $4500.00 + their normal profit on the car……  Not a bad days work (especially for a government owned business!)

The last thing I want “we the people” to look at is this Flight 253 fiasco.  It seems like our fearless leader was once again, too busy playing golf. And God knows, we wouldn’t want to interrupt THAT, to address the safety of a few hundred people who could have died on that plane, because the system failed, NOT “worked”! Sorry Ms. Napolitano.  These would have been deaths that would have occurred on HIS watch.  Or gee, maybe it’s not his watch.  Maybe someone else was/is in charge.  (How do we blame this on Bush?)

I guess this is enough of my stumble bumbling around for now. From what you’ve just read, it’s pretty obvious I’m not a “professional” pundit, but I think this country is filled with people who are just as angry as I am.  And it’s time we started making some noise!!

I think I will go read the latest news, and see if it can work me into a REAL frenzy.

Sincerely, your crazed fellow citizen



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