Are The American People Being Herded?

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As I watch the progress of culling out the Republican Presidential candidates to get to the final Obama opponent, I’m reminded of the arcade game “Whack-A-Mole”.  It seems like each Republican contender has his/her  “pop-up” moment – only to get the hammer, and disappear from favor.  But I also keep getting the feeling that this game is rigged, and all this is classic sleight-of- hand.

Have you ever seen video footage of the cattle runs they have at the Kansas City stock yards?  All the cattle are originally held in a couple huge pens.  They’re all mooing and socializing. Then the gates get opened, and their herded down fenced passages that get progressively narrower.  At the beginning,  the cattle are able to run several abreast.  But as they continue down the runs, they slowly run out of space as the passage gets narrower and narrower – until they all end up running single file – nose to tail….to their death!

I’m quickly beginning to feel like one of those steers.  And I keep getting the distinct feeling, that there are lever pullers who are maneuvering into position, the worst possible Republican candidate to face off with Obama.  I think the high-brows call it a “fete accompli” – “that which is already done, accomplished, finished”. As most of you know, I’ve been saying for the last year and a half that Obama will be re-elected.  I stand by that belief.  And it is as though I’m seeing the “fete accompli” being synthesized right before my very eyes – the jockeying for position – the overt efforts to confuse and befuddle conservative voters to pick  the perfect candidate to lose to Obama.

Here’s the latest example:  Newt Gingrich? REALLY?!  A year ago, his campaign self-destructed.   TODAY…all you see is “Gingrich skyrockets in polls!”  “Gingrich leading Romney by a billion points!”  But as this miraculous and meteoric “hail Mary pass” of a candidate rockets skyward, and begins to orbit the competition, that’s when we begin to find out that Gingrich, the new “Mole” superstar is documented on camera, in numerous interviews basically canonizing FDR as the “greatest president of the 20th century”.  Excuse me!  The Godfather of Liberalism – the deity Democrats idolize? 

Even if that could be intelligently debated, Gingrich throws gasoline on that volatile position, and praises SEIU’s Andy Stern.  WHAT?! Isn’t this the same guy who when asked about forcing his union-“workers of the world unite” ideology on the American people is on camera saying “If we can’t convince them by the power of persuasion, we’ll convince them by the persuasion of power!”…….THAT Andy Stern?! 

Gingrich thinks THIS guy is a “VISIONARY”?!!!   That this union leader who makes no bones about  threatening people who disagree with him with “force”, Gingrich says is “the union leader who probably best understands the challenge of the world market”?!

During the ’08 election, it was easy to see how Obama won.  Congressional Republicans turned a deaf ear to their constituents…the president continued to spend money like a drunken sailor, and illegal aliens continued to pour across the border, basically unchecked.

And when it came time to vote, the Democrats offered up this tall, athletic,graceful, handsome, charismatic and eloquent candidate promising hope and change, and the Republicans by contrast, offered up Yosemite Sam, after the bomb went off! 

What kind of choice is THAT?! No wonder Republicans lost!
And just yesterday, Ann Coulter, of all people, actually endorses Mitt Romney as the MOST conservative of the bunch?!

Ya know what gang, I see ‘08 happening ALL over again….just four years later.  And if it does – if that happens, this country, this Republic , and yes, even the very elections we vote in may no longer exist.


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