China’s SUV Sales Jump 40%China’s SUV Sales Jump 40%

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How do you like those gas prices?  Loving it!  Right?  Yeah sure.  Well here’s some news I’m certain will bring a smile to your face.  As you take a financial blood bath selling your gas guzzling SUV, and move into one of those cracker boxes on wheels just to survive the price of a gallon of gas, guess who’s doing just the opposite.  Just as you are forced into riding two-up scooters, guess who’s buying Hummers at a record clip?  Just as you are being forced to suffer the strangulation of those Environmental wacko’s and prostituted law makers in DC,……..guess who suffers none of that?

Car ownership in China is exploding, and it’s not only cars but also the “evil” and maligned SUVs, pickup trucks and other gas-guzzling vehicles vilified and condemned here. The number of SUVs sold in China rose a stunning 43% in May compared with the previous year!  43% in one year!! Full-size sedans were up 15%.  China’s demand for gasoline is a major reason for the skyrocketing prices in global oil.

China alone accounts for about 40% of the world’s recent increase in demand for oil.  They’re burning through twice as much now as they did a decade ago. Fifteen years ago, there were almost no private cars in the country. By the end of last year, the number had reached 15.2 million.

There are now more full sized Buicks sold in China than in the United States. And while anyone here driving a “gas guzzler” is demonized as an eco-rapist, the demand for Hummers in China has been so strong that starting this year, Chinese consumers can buy a similar military-style vehicle called the Predator at more than 25 new dealerships.

All this growth is more than offsetting the conservation measures taken in the United States. Let me say that another way……While Americans are being told by Environmentalists and lawmakers in DC to “hunker down”, “bite the bullet”,  “sacrifice”, and “conserve”, China’s massive increase in gasoline consumption will exceed that of the United States, according to the International Energy Agency – pretty much “washing out” our efforts to be “kind to the environment”.  Let’s just see if anybody is going to hold them to account for their “CARBON FOOTPRINT”……go ahead Al, you tell em’!

For energy planners in the industrialized world, this is a cruel irony, coming after a concerted effort by consumers and lawmakers to steer consumption downward. We in the United States are held hostage by Environmentalists and lawmakers – being forced to “conserve”, “cut back”, “sacrifice”, while all the while China continues to increase its use of oil at the average pace of 6 to 7 percent a year, as it has since 1990.  At this rate, China will consume as much as the United States in about 20 years…..and it only took us about 100!

All this is happening against the backdrop of the home of the new Olympic Games…Beijing…..covered by a stagnant cloud of air pollution so thick, you couldn’t cut it with a chain saw!  So, I guess it’s “up yours Kyoto Protocol”.

The spooky thing, is that despite this explosion in Chinese passenger cars, less than 4% of the country’s 1.3 billion people have already bought one. That’s where the United States was in 1915.  Can you just imagine when that number gets to 50 people out of every 1,000 in China owning cars?  Until just a few years ago,  owning a car was only for the elite — those in government, heads of state-owned companies and others in positions of power.

But starting in 2000, China began to aggressively promote “consumer consumption” to balance out its export-driven, exploding economy. Zeng Peiyan, who was then director of the national planning committee, created a list of things average citizens should be encouraged to buy. At the top of that list was cars.

To that end, the Chinese government implemented amazing incentives to make it unbelievably easy to buy a car.  They’ve  cut sales taxes and improved the availability of bank loans. They’ve encouraged local governments to build more parking areas… banned bicycles on some larger streets…. and laid thousands of miles of state-of-the-art, multi-lane superhighways all around the country.

In the meantime, gas has been kept artificially cheap. The government was actually paying for a portion of driver’s gas with subsidies!  But even when those subsidies were partially lifted last month, a gallon of gas in China STILL ONLY COSTS $3.40!!  And you paid how much this morning?!

And if THAT isn’t enough to frost your gas caps, get this………….some Chinese cities actually PROMOTE bigger, fancier cars to help present and promote the image of a more civilized, modern society.

The northern port city of Dalian; right across the border from Hong Kong….along with many other cities, BANS CARS WITH ENGINES SMALLER THAN 1 LITER from entering their downtowns!  They claim that those cars are old and dirty. Some other cities ban smaller cars from freeways, because they claim the cars are so small they may endanger their owners when going at high speed.  Listen up Prius owners.

And to add insult to injury, still other local municipalities single out owners of small cars for special charges and fees — “traffic capacity expansion” or “road and bridge maintenance” fees — that can run $150 to $1,500…..basically punishing any one who doesn’t drive a gas guzzler.

So take heart America…….When you’re being preached to by Al Gore, or some pinhead from the Sierra Club, or one of those Hypocricrats on Capital Hill…all telling you how much of a shameless polluter, energy hog, and wasteful, planet hating, ugly American you REALLY are………just remember, those same self righteous, hypocritical, pusillanimous, sphincters don’t have the stones to say that to the Chinese!


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