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Before I launch into bashing CBS news-which by the way, I think should stand for Contrived BS, let me share with you one of my favorite classic jokes.

An executive, wanting to test the veracity of the heads of his different departments began to ask each of them the same question….” What is the sum of 2+2?” As he strode down the hall poking his head into their respective offices, the head of the IT department said “well sir, that would be 4”, as did the heads of each and every other department…. They all gave the same answer “4”. Until that is, he stopped in and asked that same question to his head accountant. “Bob, how much is 2+2?” At which point, Bob turned around, ripped off his glasses, through them on his desk, stood up straight, and proudly replied “Sir, how much do you want it to be?!”

The person who said numbers never lie was obviously a mathematician, and not a politician. Because, when you look at the results of the latest CBS News poll, there is “Bob the accountant’s”attitude all over it! It is a masterpiece of misinformation and manipulation.

The results of the poll claim that most Americans oppose cutting funding for health care reforms! I was absolutely stunned……. that is, until I began to look at the construct of the polling numbers.

There were a total of 1031 people who responded to the poll. Of that number, 298 for Republicans, 345 were Democrats, and a whopping 388 were Independents. With that type of sampling, you don’t even have to read the polling results! All you have to do, is look at the way this thing has been sliced and diced:

• 28% Republicans
• 32% Democrats
• 40% independence

It’s pretty clear, they skewed the poll to give Republicans less say than anyone else………. like Contrived BS always does. This entire polling process was nothing but a shell game, weighted completely in favor of the house.

The Politico had a story yesterday entitled “Has Obama Set GOP Entitlement Trap?” The article basically asks the question, is Obama really going to ambush Boehner on this newest budget proposal. From where I sit, it looks like Obama is playing everybody like a well tuned Steinway.

In the meantime, here this country sits in a state of absolute bankruptcy, and the White House press corps is treating this thing like nothing more than a game, by reporting “Senior congressional Democrats were plenty nervous on the eve of Pres. Barack Obama’s 2012 budget presentation, fretting that Obama would suddenly gain his nerve and decide to take on the issue of entitlement reform. They needn’t have worried. White House officials assured their friends on the Hill that Obama wouldn’t broach the subject, Democrats told politico, and on Monday when he presented his budget the President conspicuously avoided addressing entitlements, despite citing them as the country’s major fiscal problem.”

EXCUSE ME?!! Obama admits out of his own mouth that “….entitlements are this country’s major fiscal problem”, and he doesn’t even bother to mention it in his speech?!

And then to add insult to injury, in Obama’s news conference Obama said “I was glad to see yesterday Republican leaders say, ‘how come you didn’t talk about entitlements?’ I think that’s progress.” Well of course he was glad! But NO Mr. President, that’s not progress. What that looks like to me, is a group of Republican lemmings volunteering to follow you right over the cliff. What that is Mr. President is a group of people to whom we have given yet another chance, posing as people of action!

One senior Democratic congressional aide in the House said of the Republicans “They are suckers. They have painted themselves into a corner.” Obama didn’t mention entitlements, so the Republicans rushed in to fill that vacuum and the Democratic congressional aide says there suckers?!

When Obama was asked if he was abrogating his responsibility to lead, he replied” This is not a matter of you go first or I go first. This is a matter of ultimately getting in that boat at the same time so it doesn’t tip over.” Using that boat analogy, I can’t help but ask, why is it that the Democrats are always the ones standing at the helm with the hammer, beating out the rhythm, and the Republicans are the ones sitting, and doing the rolling?

The Democrats have absolutely no intention of getting into the entitlement debate at all. When one Democrat was asked what Obama should do when the GOP releases their proposal, he barked back “Nothing!” I mean, why should they? By a Democrat aide’s own admission the Republicans are the “suckers”, so let them take the fall. Let THEM be the ones who want to kill grandma!

For those of you who remember, this is exactly what I predicted would happen last November, after the huge Republican victory – that the Republicans would be walking into an ambush. But, what I said back then, doesn’t count for much now. “I told you so “doesn’t cut it. And vindication only feels slimy.

Only if, and until, the Republicans adopt a position of “Reelection be damned! We’re going to stand up and do the right thing for the country!” will any of this have any chance of getting back on a LONG road to recover.

Politicians understand the people. Politicians understand that the people want to be told what the people want to hear. So, until those elected officials that populate both the House and the Senate – both Democrats and Republicans – make the inordinately courageous decision to transform themselves from politicians to statesmen, the only light that will exist at the end of this tunnel will remain a train.

Unless We The People rally ……..and I mean RALLY to the support of the Republicans… their conscience……..give them moral courage………OR just flat scare the hell out of them, and FORCE them do the RIGHT thing, then we will indeed have Obama in the White House for another 4 years – and then, all will be lost. And you can bid a fond farewell to America.


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