Don’t Prius Me Off!

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Let me go on record, as saying that I am not a “conservationist” in the Liberal sense.  To adopt the term, flies in the face of everything “American”.  To “conserve” within that perspective, to me, means timidity, fearfulness, and the weakness of retreat – all the things upon which this country was NOT founded.  If we don’t have enough of something, let’s either MAKE more of it, or go GET more of it!  That’s why and how we became the greatest superpower on earth!

And for those of you who feel ashamed or intimidated by the term “superpower”…., get over it!  What is the guilt that makes you so ashamed of being winners – being the best – being the “haves” and not the “have-nots” – living in the one country on earth that everyone wants to come to – that everyone wants to be like – and the one that everyone turns to as soon as tragedy strikes, or they get their butt in a crack?  What in the world, is the massive guilt plaguing you Liberals that allows you to have millions in the bank, and drive a Prius instead of your Ferrari??

The mainstream press never publicizes the fact that we (that’s Americans, for those of you hyphenated citizens, and Hollywood residents)……WE have more oil under our control – more oil at our disposal, than all of the Middle East!  We have enough oil to easily last us 300 years!  But instead of letting us go get it, you whine about “conserving” and then take your “guilt medicine by going out and buying a Prius – or some other hybrid.  Well you fair-weather-Americans, it’s time for a wake up call!

First of all, you hybrid owners are in the minority – for a good reason; because while you – the darlings of environmental zealots and the liberal press, just love the little (and I mean little) cars, they leave the average U.S. driver totally underwhelmed. As a nation, we are almost totally unwilling to trade performance, function, and safety for high mileage.

And yes, you heard me right – “safety”!  Fuel-efficiency mandates killing people.  A Harvard-Brookings Institution (no conservative think tanks, these) report showed that reducing a car’s weight by 500 pounds increases fatalities by 2,200 to 3,900 per year.

And here’s a shocker for you; hybrids don’t always deliver the lowest mileage!  Purchasers of hybrid cars are learning a bitter lesson — those sky-high mileage estimates contain a lot of blue sky. Instead of getting 45 or more miles per gallon in city driving, many hybrid drivers say they’re lucky to get better than 30 mpg.  Consumer Reports has found that hybrid cars get less than 60 percent of EPA estimates while navigating city streets — the Civic Hybrid averaging 26 mpg in the city, the Toyota Prius 35 mpg, much less than their respective EPA estimates of 47 and 60 mpg. Highway mileage is actually worse than city use, but typically closer to EPA estimates.

And here’s another spicy tidbit; the most gas efficient fuel-only car on the U.S. market today is the VW Jetta Diesel Turbo.  Choking on the word “diesel” are ya? Well guess what, it gets 45 miles to the gallon, but consumers in California and four other states can’t buy it yet because it doesn’t meet clean-air requirements for particulate emissions.  Write a thank you note to your local tree hugger.

Even Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn said that hybrid cars make no sense. He thinks that hybrid cars have not yet come to a point where it matches its cost in terms of usability. He said, “They make a nice story, but they’re not a good business story yet because the value is lower than their costs”.  They can be up to several thousand dollars more expensive than similar gas-powered models, and because they haven’t been on the market very long, resale value is uncertain.

Batteries, a crucial component in hybrids, can cost up to $4500 to replace when they wear out!  And speaking of battery replacement, where do we put all those environmentally hazardous batteries when the die?  Geez, garages are already charging a $3.00 disposal fee on those batteries we use under the hood now.  How much are they going to charge on a battery 15 times that size?

What?  Who mentioned “tax advantages”?  Take another look; unfortunately, the tax deduction for those who buy gas-electric hybrids will be phased-out in 2008, making the prospect of buying a hybrid not quite as attractive.

And here’s an ironic twist.  Many fire and police departments are updating their training to reflect the dangers of rescuing someone from a crashed hybrid.  Remember those batteries I mentioned?  As it happens, they pose a serious threat to the person trying to rescue you.  There is enough voltage in those wires to kill a rescuer.  So rescue personnel are told to use “extra caution” when using those “jaws-of-life”.  The new procedures call for the rescuers to disconnect the primary power cables before attempting the rescue.  And if you’ve ever seen one of those hybrids after a collision……Well let’s just ask; have you ever seen a wadded up gum wrapper?  Same same.

So imagine your trapped inside your hybrid after a collision, waiting to be rescued.  How much time will slip away before you’re pulled from the wreckage, while the rescuers try to locate – and then disconnect those high voltage cables, so that they themselves can stay alive, and ultimately get you out?

Let me be clear; it’s not the car or the technology itself with which I have the problem.  It’s the “mindset” and the “attitude”.  What attitude?  That “see how much better I am than you, because I’m doing something positive to protect the environment (you scum sucking gas guzzling eco-assassin) !” attitude.

I’ve got news for these people; if by some monstrous plan or horrific happenstance, there was a nuclear holocaust of such proportion that the entire planet was left a smoldering cinder, in a couple thousand years or less, this marvelous world would have regenerated, and repaired itself – and again be lush and green – WITHOUT YOUR PROTECTION!  Get some perspective on your super-hero status and dial down your self-overestimation!

So if you want to buy a hybrid for “good reason” – it’s quieter, smoother, easier to park, looks cool…..whatever the legitimate reason….then God bless you and go do it.  But when you buy a hybrid as an item of distinction – an environmental badge of honor – a validation of your selflessness to Mother Earth and your sacrifice to the wellbeing of mankind, you have now become a psychotic, misinformed irritation to the rest of us, and need to shut the hell up!

Don’t Prius me off!


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