Every State Should Follow Arizona

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My hat is off to the state of Arizona. They cut from the rank and file of those who cower from doing “right” because of Political Correctness – those who are more worried about appearance than substance. On April 23rd, 2010, Arizona manned up and did the right thing, in spite of the flack that they knew would rain down on them. Ironically enough, the “heroic” thing they did…..the “noble” stand they took, was to ENFORCE the law!

It was a given that Arizona would take heavy fire from all the usual suspects, who are obviously driven by race, than by law. (But wouldn’t that make they themselves “racists”? But I digress.) All the groups who benefit from manipulating race as a commodity, under the guise of morality………all the lawyers who make their living defending immigration issues – all the Latino groups like National Council of La Raza, LULAC, National Coalition of Latino Clergy….and on and on. These are organizations that make their living selling “race”. This I understand. Business is business.

I can also understand clearly the motive behind the position of the Catholic Church on being against Arizona’s “reprehensible” new racist law. In the last decade, the Catholic Church has taken major membership hits, due to the seemingly never ending scandals of priests engaged in pedophilia. When those members leave, so do their dollars. People have been leaving the Catholic Church in significant numbers, after witnessing the Church’s less than aggressive stance against child abuse.

And since the vast majority of Mexicans are Catholic, allowing the flood of illegal Mexicans to continue to pour over the border into the U.S. makes sense. It provides a direct injection of much needed membership – and thus revenue – to the Catholic Church. So it’s easy to understand the church’s vested interest in opposing Arizona’s new law. Stop the illegal immigration………stop the money. Again, business is business.

But the one Anti-Arizona group who has come out of left field – from my perspective – has been the Jewish contingent of Arizona bashers. Jewish groups are slamming Arizona’s stringent new immigration-enforcement law! And considering the prominence “law” has played in Jewish culture and history, the ulterior motive behind this group of Arizona bashers is a little more enigmatic.

The new law has been criticized by an array of Jewish groups, including the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society, Anti-Defamation League, American Jewish Committee, Simon Wiesenthal Center, National Council of Jewish Women and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, a public policy umbrella group comprised of the synagogue movements, several national groups and scores of local Jewish communities across North America.

This opposition seems to stand in direct contradiction to these same groups who completely support Israel being the Jewish State, with a right of immigration and citizenship for any Jew who wants it. But yet they have no problem in denying the right of Americans to define the immigration laws of their own country. And if Americans do so, they’re “little better than Nazis”. Harsh as that sounds, this seems to be the gist of what they are saying.

It would appear that groups like these are acting in bad faith – using hysterical hyperbole – when they liken enforcement of already existing laws to a police state, or when they say that because the U.S. has had immigrants before, it can never refuse any others, legal or not. I don’t see the motive here as money, as in the previous examples. So, what can be their motive. What do they have to gain by aligning themselves with the people who advocate breaking the laws?

The men who founded this country, founded it not on a system of democratic rule, where majority rules. It was formed as a democratic republic…..a system of laws. George Washington said that “We are a nation of laws, not of men.”

Arizona made some reasonable observations:

  1. The safety of the citizens of Arizona was being put at risk by illegal immigration
  2. The property of those citizens was being put at risk by illegal immigration
  3. The economy of Arizona was being threatened by illegal immigration
  4. There were already Federal laws in place to prevent illegal immigration
  5. The Federal government was actively avoiding enforcing those laws

Arizona then made a reasonable decision:

  1. Enforce the laws that the Federal government refused to enforce.

As we observe the people and organizations that demand that Arizona NOT enforce the law, there are a couple reasonable conclusions to which we can come about those people and organizations.

They advocate the breaking of law rather than enforcing it. That makes them criminals – or at best aiding and abetting criminal activity.

Their motives are based on race, not on law – that makes them racists

They advocate abolishing law and social system through disorder and upheaval. This defines them as anarchists.

There has been an outcry by these groups of opposition to boycott the state of Arizona. I think we should BOYCOTT those who sponsor or advocate boycotting Arizona.

Polls show that the overwhelming majority of Americans support Arizona’s New Anti-illegal immigration law. And if the “majority of Americans” did just that, their voices would be heard!

Every state needs to follow the courageous lead of Arizona !

Let’s boycott the boycotters……………………….


Marriott Corp. / IBM / ADP / Bank of America / KPMG / AT&T / Deloitte / Pfizer / Altria / Aetna / Sodexo / Kodak / Price Waterhouse Coopers / Novartis / Earnst & Young / Kaiser Permanente

All these companies can be seen sponsoring DiversityInc.…….a Website giving updated lists for the Arizona Boycott.


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