Farewell America

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A defining characteristic of failing or collapsing government is stepped-up aggressiveness, especially toward its own citizens.

Few Americans know that American finance is nothing less than a double Ponzi. It is already widely known that the U.S. is creating debt and “financing” this debt with newly created debt.

Can you believe that debtors (government) are now simultaneously creditors with so-called “intergovernmental bonds?” This is the extreme opposite of intrinsic value. It is without value and is only pretense or Ponzi. This is no joke, folks. It is the world in which Americans now live.

A Ponzi scheme goes on as long as its growing fragility does not prick public trust. As we know, Bernie Madoff’s scheme only collapsed when individual creditors had liquidity problems and needed to withdraw funds.

Of course, Madoff didn’t have a printing press to keep the Ponzi scam going. But the printing press makes the U.S. financial system at far greater risk and deception because economic collapse may be extended into a later holocaust of Biblical proportions.

Is the U.S. an international gangster? No doubt the U.S. is one of the most aggressive nations in the world. The U.S. has fought by far the largest number of wars based on propaganda pretenses. It has broken the international laws of war, maintained secret prisons and fought an absurd war against drugs in Colombia and Afghanistan and at home where the tentacles of the narcotics mafia now reach into political circles. With no shame for hypocrisy, the U.S. is itself a tax haven for foreigners.

Cables released by WikiLeaks show the U.S. government for what it is: A duplicitous, evil empire that forces its will on other governments while doing the bidding of its corporate masters. The so-called Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) also reveals this. As Mike Adams of NaturalNews.com reports, the FSMA gives the Food and Drug Administration the authority to establish offices in foreign countries to “dictate the food safety plans of foreign governments.” (See page 217 of the bill.)

The global “food safety” plan is to be developed under the consultation to the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Treasury and adopts a globalist food plan — Codex Alimentarius — that was developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) under United Nations auspices.

As Adams writes, after submitting to the codex “the FDA will ‘harmonize’ the U.S. food and dietary supplement industries with global Codex requirements which outlaw virtually all healthy doses of vitamins and minerals. Under full Codex ‘harmonization,’ America will be left with a dead food supply and the health food stores will be virtually stripped bare of dietary supplements. Selling vitamin D at a reasonable dose such as 4,000 IU per capsule will be criminalized and products will be seized and destroyed by FDA agents who recruit local law enforcement to bring in the firepower.

“All this will, of course, ensure a diseased, nutritionally-deficient U.S. population. This actually seems to be the goal the FDA has been trying to achieve all along because the more diseased the population, the more money gets collected by Big Pharma for ‘treating’ sick people with medication and chemotherapy.”

The U.S. legal non-system is a lawyer’s paradise, with lawyers enriching themselves on the misfortunes of their clients. It is common knowledge how exorbitant are verdicts of liability, which make business activity extremely risky in the U.S. And the non-system is stacked against the individual or business that doesn’t have the unlimited pocketbook of the Federal government that files endless legal motions and perpetual appeals.

A warning here: As far as U.S. persons are concerned, America aims to abolish cross-border business and investment.

Warren Buffett and Bill Gross both spoke against investments in U.S. government securities. Gross, of PIMCO, the biggest bond fund in the world, advises investors to sell dollar investments, “before central banks and sovereign wealth funds do.”

Has anyone noticed that the U.S. is now generally anti-entrepreneurial and anti-small business with stepped up regulations on small business? This small business administrative burden is nothing less than government harassment.


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