FOX Fires Napolitano For Speeking TOO MUCH Truth

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by admin on 19-02-2012

It has been rumored for about nine months now, that FOX News has reassessed its presence in the cable news market, and decided to take a more “centrist” tack.  I wasn’t sure just what that meant.  But being a stalwart supporter of FOX for many years, (because it appeared to be the last bastion of straight shooting news on cable TV) I am now going cold turkey, and swearing off what I now believe to be a contaminated and suspect news source.

Surprisingly, it has been FOX News itself that has provided me with the necessary diagnostic yardstick which has enabled me to make my decision.  They have fired probably one of the noblest champions of the Constitution ever to come down the proverbial pike……….Judge Andrew Napolitano. 

It has been my opinion for several years now, that both the Republican and Democrat parties have been a manufactured ruse – two distinctly separate personas, existing for the sole purpose of providing the American people the “illusion of choice”.

The Judge will continue to appear as a guest on FOX, but his show “Freedom Watch” – the one you will view below is now, no more.

Is it true that a man I trust and admire might just have had his show cancelled for saying TOO much truth, right out loud…………………


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