Gaza Terrorist Reacts to Video of Her Failed Suicide Bombing Attempt to Kill Israelis

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by Tiffany Gabbay / on 21-12-2011

In a report that, according to Fox News’ Leland Vittert, “shatters the illusion that those who are driven by hate can have their minds changed,” one would-be suicide bomber who failed in her past attempt to kill Israelis proudly declares that she would do it all over again (next time she hopes successfully) just to “taste and smell paradise.”

The interview offers viewers a look into the hate-filled mind of a woman who was incarcerated after attempting to detonate a bomb that had been strapped to her body in order to kill as many innocent Israelis as she possibly could.

The terrorist was released from jail as part of a prisoner exchange deal and is now reportedly at home in Gaza.

The report included footage of the would-be suicide bomber at the very moment her detonator failed outside of a hospital. After shedding her jacket, the woman can be seen crying and clutching at her neck and chest.  She was released from jail as part of a prisoner exchange deal, and is now home in Gaza. After watching video of her failed attempt, the woman told Vittert that she is proud of her actions and hopes to once again “taste and smell paradise.” She maintains that she is still intent on blowing herself up in order to kill Israelis, and urges other young women to do the same.

Vittert adds that “staring death in the face” only seems to harden those bent on murder even more.

Here is video proof, that there is no hope of changing their minds………..

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