Gingrich Flashback: ‘Progressive’ FDR Was ‘Greatest President of the 20th Century’ (Plus – SEIU’s Andy Stern Is Visionary Union Leader!)

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I’ve always liked the feisty tone Newt Gingrich brings to debate.

There is a cool, analytical detachment to his brutal and effective dissection of liberal failure.

I like it. And maybe that’s the problem. A Blaze correspondent suggests this:

There is an interesting research study that sheds some light on why someone like Gingrich, who is abrasive and has a history of ethical lapses, enjoys his current standing in the polls.

Research has shown that the most important factor in charisma is self-confidence. Interestingly, the confidence doesn’t even have to be justified for people to consider a leader charismatic. In fact, narcissists are initially viewed as confident and charismatic leaders-although that perception eventually changes when the leader’s true capabilities are revealed.

In times of conflict, people who are aggressive and emotionally cool or cold are more likely to be seen as more charismatic leaders. Since the focus is on the person’s aggressiveness, the ethics of the person is not seen as important.

Why is this? In stressful environments and times, people instinctively look for people who are more aggressive and colder emotionally to protect them and to take on enemies. In less stressful, less dynamic, and less conflict ridden environments, leaders who less aggressive and warmer emotionally are more likely to be seen as charismatic because there is less of a perceived threat and the focus isn’t on defeating an enemy. Think of George Patton. The perfect personality for war time. The wrong personality for peacetime.

The challenge is that voters are currently focusing on one thing-How do we beat Obama? They want a Winston Churchill, to give ‘em hell, storm Washington, fight Obama on his own turf, and set things right. This is why we believe Newt Gingrich is enjoying his current lead in the polls. He is abrasive, emotionally cold, and has a history of ethical lapses. Even though Republicans are well aware of Gingrich’s past character issues, they are giving more weight his aggressiveness and relative emotional coldness because they are looking for someone to very aggressively take on Obama–Patton style.

Do you buy that?

I’m not totally convinced. There is a part of me that really wants to see Gingrich as nominee on a stage with Obama and we have 90 minutes to see what happens. Did anyone see the movie Warrior?

In the past week, we have seen a significant challenge to Newt Gingrich via questions and arguments from Glenn Beck. Full disclosure: Glenn Beck recently reaffirmed his affirmation to me that we should post on The Blaze any story we feel newsworthy despite it’s implications or effect on him.

You are probably aware that Beck and Gingrich have not seen eye-to-eye over this past week. Begin the review here.

Is Gingrich a “progressive” in any real sense? Beck would argue yes. Many parts of me would scream no. I do know that Gingrich is likely capable to debate the next two points to great effect.

But evaluate on your own.

A video clip provides us this montage of Gingrich describing his high esteem for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Over and over again:


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