GOP Declares War on Tea Party

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by Rosalinda Jiminez on 13-10-2011

When I look over the prevailing political landscape, any time I see anything that both the Republicans and the Democrats hate, and attack, whatever that thing is, must be good for the country!  And this time around, that thing that is “good for the country”, is the Tea Party and its independence from the Washington establishment.

It’s absolutely killing the Democrats and the Republican Elites alike, to think that there is anyone but them that has the ability to affect election outcomes. But brother, that’s exactly the way it is! Do you realize, that you’ve got Chuck Schumer and a whole heard of Democrats, actually campaigning against the Tea Party.  Well, at least they’re not still running against BUSH!

They’re running around claiming that the Tea Party poses the greatest threat to this country. It’s not the economy, it’s the Tea Party. It’s not the president’s policies, is the Tea Party. It’s not corrupt capitalism, is the Tea Party. It’s not the all-out effort to assassinate small business, it’s the Tea Party!

The Democrats are claiming flat out that the Tea Party is nothing but a bunch of racist, sexist, bigots. And while the Republican Elites aren’t echoing that message word for word, they’re still joining with the Democrats in the notion that Tea Party is a real problem and a threat, and needs to be stomped out.

The New York Times is being the megaphone for the Elites of both these parties. The Times ran an article this weekend that had the subheading   “The Republican Elite Tries to Take Its Party Back”. And  this Times article is HUGE – this thing runs 20 or 25 pages!  And it confirms every single opinion I have had about the Republican Elites – to say nothing of the Democrats as a whole. These people don’t give a tinker’s damn about what’s good for this country, they’re only concerned with making sure that they are the seats of power and decision – that THEY are the ones who continue to call the shots.

Make no mistake; this is an open declaration of war by the GOP on the Tea Party, pure and simple. And for all the Republican freshman who were put in the house by the Tea Party, this article makes it pretty clear how amazingly difficult their job is. These Freshmen are trying to do the right thing, and the Elites in their very own party are trying to kill off “the right thing”, so Elites make sure they don’t lose their stranglehold on DC politics.

In this Times article there was a major extrapolation on the subject of  “compromise”, the kind of compromise that the Republicans have become famous for –appeasing the Democrats, pleasing the media, and trying their very best to demonstrate to everyone (except for the people who voted for them), ” We aren’t at all like those unreasonable Tea Party types. WE want to get things done!”

Talking about the Tea Party Bill Kristol called it “…an infantile form of conservatism.”  Scott Reed, a veteran strategist and lobbyist said, ” I think it’s waning now.”, talking about the Tea Party’s influence. Krystal went on to say,” [Republican] Party leaders have managed to bleed some of the antiestablishment intensity out of the movement by slyly embracing Tea Party sympathizers in Congress rather than treating them as ‘those people’.  “bleed out…intensity”?! This looks like an attempt by the Republican Elites to co-opt, use and control the Tea Party, instead of accept it as a source of support.

John Feehery, a big time lobbyist who was once a senior House aide to former Republican Speaker of the House Denny Hastert, said “The thing I get a kick out of, is these Tea Party people calling me a RINO. NO GUYS! I’ve been a Republican all along.  You go off on your own little world, and then come back and say it’s YOUR party.  Well, this AIN’T your party!”

Vin Weber, former Republican Congressman from MN – and now a powerful DC lobbyist, said of the Tea Party lawmakers, “One thing I do notice about ‘em, is when I ask ‘em ‘So how are you enjoying it?”’ (talking about the Tea Party Congressmen) “Almost none of them say, ‘Oh JEEZ, I’m really loving this’!” Instead, they all say some version of “This is NOT what I’d want to be doing, but I’ve got to do it for the country!”

They honestly believed that once these “innocents” got to town, they’d lose all that nasty aversion to DC, and be easily corrupted.  They haven’t!  And the good ole’ boys don’t know what to think.

The Elite never ever thought it would turn out like this.  They thought that once these “good little Tea Party boys and girls” got to DC, that they be able to throw an arm around their collective shoulders and say “Looka’ here sonny,  let me show you how things really are.  Let me show you how things get done ‘round here”.  But the Tea Party Freshmen are having NONE of it!  And the Elites are genuinely surprised that these “young pups” didn’t just melt like so much putty in their hands.

Trust me when I say folks, the Democrats, and the Republican Elites, are on the very same page. They have literally locked arms against the Tea Party – the grassroots party – the party of true conservatives.  And they have done this because they are terrified that the People’s voice may actually be heard. They’re scared to death that the power will be taken out of their hands and put back where it belongs – in the hands of the people.

We need to make sure that that doesn’t happen………………..AGAIN!


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