Greatest Home Run Of All Time

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In early 1974, William Leggett wrote in a 1974 baseball preview, “… Above all … it is a time to celebrate heroes. Your turn at bat, Mr. Aaron.”  And on April 8, 1974, Hank Aaron broke the all-time home run record in baseball by hitting number 715.  I remember that day very well.

The record stood for 33 years, until Barry Bonds, on August 7, 2007, broke Aaron’s record by hitting career home run number 756.  I remember that day as well.

There have been many memorable home runs, Robin Ventura’s grand slam, Dick Sisler’s 1950 extra inning shot, Kirk Gibson’s World Series shot, and the one hit by Carlton Fisk in the 1975 World Series.

But, perhaps the most significant home run of the modern era was hit on September 3, 2008 by a little-known Alaskan governor.  And what a memorable shot it was.  When it finally landed, it shattered the platform of the DNC, and left those who witnessed it in awe of her power and poise.

Even Tom Brokaw called her performance, “a very auspicious debut.”   And CBS’ Jeff Greenfield said it was a “perfect populist pitch.”  Well, I don’t know about the pitch, it may have a curveball designed to throw her off, but she smacked it anyway, and as she rounded the bases to thunderous approval of those in St. Paul, I got the distinct impression that it was all in a says’ work for her.

Her smile was infectious, her demeanor was calm, yet she attacked with pin-point accuracy as she laid her case for the vice presidency of the United States.

Oddsmaker were saying Sarah Palin would either quit or be replaced before the end of the Republican Convention this week.  The odds were 20-to-1.  They are now down to 8-to-1.

All of the stress and the pressure was bound to get to Bristol and her mother, for the sake of her pregnant daughter, would put family first and just quit.  After all, family is more important, and she’s already being accused of neglecting her family by accepting the nomination.

But this is no ordinary woman.  She’s used to beating odds and doing what stronger men would not do.  She’s used to the criticism, after all, she beat a long-term incumbent Republican for governor of Alaska, despite immense pressure and nearly impossible odds.

It was clear Palin was having fun at the RNC Convention, and it’s hard to have fun if you’re scared or a lightweight. She had command, the same quality people attributed to Obama in 2004.

Some in the Republican Party have already compared her to Ronald Reagan because of her ability to connect with people and her ability to perform under pressure.   They have been starved for a leader with charisma and charm, and the fact that she is a female only makes it better.

The next few months will tell how effective her speech was, but I truly believe the barracuda moniker is appropriate for her, and the Dems better be careful or they may face the bite of something between a barracuda and a pit bull with lipstick.

It is a time to celebrate heroes. Your turn at bat, Mrs. Palin.


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