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Ever since my wife and I moved into the new house a few years ago, we’ve enjoyed it immensely.  But true to the adage “nothin’ for nothin’ “, there is a small price to pay; more windows to clean, more carpet to vacuum and more “stuff” to acquire to decorate all the extra space – to say nothing of the agonizing decisions to make about which stuff to get.  And when it comes to the decisions like that, well, I wouldn’t say I was a decorating cripple, but certainly decoratively challenged.

So I’m blessed to have a gal that more than makes up for my shortcomings relevant to all things ambiance.  But I have not escaped unscathed.  For me, there is more lawn to mow, more trees to trim and more landscape in general to maintain.  And as I was out in the courtyard pulling weeds and crabgrass the other day, I had not exactly an epiphany – more of an “epiphanette” – an “ah ha” moment, but only smaller.

As I surveyed much of the heavily landscaped area, I was deprived of the more expedient method of weed and crabgrass eradication.  The easiest method would have been to spray the weeds with weed killer, and the crabgrass with crabgrass killer and be done.  But that was not possible.  You see, the “undesirables” (weeds and crabgrass) and the “good guys” (flowers and landscape plants) were much too close together.  Spraying chemicals on the bad, would mean that I would risk killing the good.  Weed killer doesn’t know the difference between a dandelion and a daffodil.

So I was relegated to getting down on my hands and knees and surgically extracting the bad, while leaving the good.  The process’s difficulty was compounded by the length of time I had let things go. And there was a high price for my procrastination.  Some of the weeds and crabgrass were so entrenched and intertwined with the flowers and herbs, that it became tedious and even painful to clean things.  Putting forth my most cautious and surgically diligent efforts STILL resulted in some flowering casualties, as their roots were pulled up because the weeds had weaved themselves into the roots of the flowers.

And then there were the biological intruders; grubs, mites, snails and assorted other small critters, seemingly bent on undoing all my good work.  And I began to wonder; “why is it that you have to work so hard to maintain an absence of weeds, crabgrass and flower killing critters?”  But if I did nothing, the courtyard would soon deteriorate into an overgrown, ugly and bug infested jungle.

And here’s when the epiphanette hit me; The world is the same way!  Left to its own devices – left unattended, the weeds and vermin will take over.  And the longer we avoid dealing with it, the more difficult and painful it becomes to remove the evil.

And today, we are seeing the results of years of neglect.  Evil is in the garden.  Factions like the ACLU and Liberal secularists are doing their best to prevent us from growing our flowers of God, family and country.  Far more dangerous than any bomb-throwing terrorist, they have been allowed to entrench themselves so deeply, that their roots threaten to choke our judicial system, our colleges and worst of all our children – the future of this nation.

We have allowed ourselves to have music which glorifies murder and trivializes and demeans women. Our Federal tax dollars fund anonymous adolescent abortion on demand.  Parental authority has been diluted and is in danger of extinction.  And all of this is jammed down our throats in the name of civil rights and free speech.  A shocking percentage of children and young adults view oral sex as “not sex”, and regularly participate with a casualness that stuns!

All the while, the weeds flourish.  The Ten Commandments are ripped from public view.  The warmth of Christmas Nativity scenes is banished.  Individual prayer on school grounds is prohibited. The American Nazi part and Ku Klux Klan are allowed to march down public streets, while municipalities give their blessing to raunchy gay pride parades in full view of young children.  And the outright bashing against anything Christian, Jewish or family – anything wholesome and traditional – is allowed and encouraged.

The lawmakers elected by “We the people” have heard us clearly and have continued to ignore us for the last nine years!  Both sides of the aisle have worked together – weather actively or complicitously, to bankrupt this country.  No real efforts have been made to stem the tide of illegal aliens.  Businesses are being regulated to death under the yoke of bogus “Green” legislation – supported by junk science.  The largest businesses in the country are being or have been socialized with U.S. tax dollars and borrowed Chinese money.  We have become a prisoner of debt!

And now, it is very likely that this country’s death knell will sound, with the passage of a health care reform effort, specifically designed to take control of every aspect of our lives and bring financial ruin.

How long will we turn away? How long will we ignore the garden?  Will we allow the weeds and vermin to grow so high and so strong, that one day they will prevent us from even going out our own front door?

Let’s get to work, while there is still a garden to save.


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