Is It An Awakening?

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It would appear that the American people are waking up. And it’s not making the Republican elite good ol’ boys any too happy!

Americans are beginning to recognize that there is really very little difference between the Democrat and Republican parties, with respect to what we VOTE for, and what we GET from their respective reigns during the last decade. It’s pretty obvious, that both parties have re-opened under new ownership, and are being presented only as a ploy to make us believe that we really have a choice……..when we don’t………………DIDN’T.

Much like buying Downy or Bounce fabric softeners – Joy or Dawn dishwashing soaps – Hugo Boss or Old Spice men’s colognes…………no matter WHAT you choose, your still giving your money to Proctor and Gamble!

And for the last ten years, we’ve watched Federal spending expand faster than Rosie O’Donnell’s waist line. Illegal aliens have continued to pour through holes in our border security big enough to accommodate an aircraft carrier. And along the Southern U.S. border, there are actually signs telling American citizens…UNITED STATES CITIZENS!….. “Potential Danger Area – Proceed At Your Own Risk”. WHAT?! Now we can’t even protect our own people?!

(In all fairness to the Bush administration, we didn’t see the blatant religious bias and racism we see being condoned with this administration. And certainly NOT the overt willingness to slight our one and only allie in the Middle East – Israel.)

But I digress……………………….

So, should it come as any surprise, that after the primary elections results came in 48 hours ago……Republican elites were squealing like stuck pigs……….absolutely freaking out at the results!

Fresh faced Christine O‘Donnell crushed Liberal Republican incumbent Mike Castle in Delaware, causing a huge ruckus within the Republican Party. It’s almost become some sort of political soap opera, with some major stars cast in leading roles. And it all started with Karl Rove………………..

Karl Rove threw O’Donnell under the Republican establishment bus, telling Sean Hannity, “I’ve met her. I gotta tell you, I wasn’t frankly impressed [at] her abilities as a candidate,”.

But true to the plucky “character” that got her elected……. O’Donnell fired back at the Republican legend, and mocking Rove as the “so-called political guru that predicted I wasn’t going to win”: “POINT” O’Donnell………….

Rove fired back that he wouldn’t stand for such low blows, and went on Fox News to defend his honor. He even managed to raise questions about O‘Donnell’s financial history and integrity while complimenting her on the win. What?! I thought these guys were on the same “Republican” team!

Even Rush Limbaugh joined the fray the next morning when he went on a chastizing rant against Rove: “If he had just gotten this mad at Democrats during the Bush administration, why who knows how things would be different today.” Needless to say, Rush wasn‘t happy with Rove’s attacks on O’Donnell!

And of course, NONE of this went unnoticed by Democrats. The back-and-forth even made news during the White House press briefing, with Press Secretary Robert Gibbs using the controversy to downplay O‘Donnell’s chances in November.

Gibby took the opportunity to fire off a cheap shot of his own: “I think if you look at what people like Karl Rove or people like the state GOP chairman have said, the Republicans in Delaware nominated somebody that they don’t believe can win, I think in the words of the state party chair, couldn’t be elected dog catcher.”

O‘Donnell was supported by Sarah Palin. And Palin weighed in as well on Rove’s comments on Hannity: “We love our friends there in the “machine” … but my message to those who say that the GOP nominee is not electable is ………….Buck up!”

The funny thing is, for months some on the center-right, such as David Frum, have been arguing against supporting such hard-right candidates, saying that they would not appeal to independents and moderates. Instead of taking their advice, many in the GOP leadership just ignored them as whiny RINOs.

They ignored these voices of reason as they looked with increasing worry as candidates like Sharon Angle and Rand Paul won primaries and then proceeded to show how “not ready for primetime” they truly were.

Could it be that the American voting public is beginning to shape their voting decisions around accountability, integrity and freedom, instead of political bias and BS? Dare I ask: Is it possible that the political elites who have used their long held power to line their own pockets and lie to voters, might actually be challenged this November 2nd? At this point, who can tell.

What I DO know, is that if you poke, slap, humiliate and incessantly bully someone long enough………..sooner or later they’ll swing back!


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