Let’s Cut Through All The BS & Finger Pointing

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by admin on 13-07-2012

Surprisingly, there are those who are heard to say “We’re in recovery.  ” We’re on the road back.”  “The recession is over!” “I think President Obama is doing a good job.”

These remarks can only come from 3 groups of people;  Those who have a political agenda, and want to give the appearance that Obama’s domestic economic policy has been a success – or are otherwise enamored of Obama.  Those who are incurable optimists.  Or those who are irretrievable idiots.

Because, for anyone whose paying attention, it’s blatantly clear that things are getting worse, not better.

And to prove that point – that things are getting worse, not better – let’s cut out all the finger pointing and politically driven BS and just look at the numbers…the absolute mathematical facts that render an unbiased, clear and objective view of the financial state of the union.

If, after examining these facts from sources with no political agenda you still won’t admit the truth, the truth is not what you are seeking.  And that makes you part of the problem.


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