McCain’s Gotta Go

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Last September, Glenn Beck had the audacity to say that John McCain would have been worse than Obama. Several staunch conservatives and especially Republicans at large hit the roof!

But the more I think about it, the more I tend to agree with Beck. From everything we’ve witnessed in the last year and a half, Obama’s inexperience and “Rookie” status has created some really obvious problems for him as he tries to ram his progressive agenda down our throats.

John McCain by contrast, is an absolute PRO at participating in the passage of some REALLY bad legislation.

Let’s make something crystal clear here…….. John McCain is NO conservative. Jesus once said, “Faith without works is dead faith.” And using those standards, John McCain’s faith in Conservatism and Constitutionalism has been dead for a long time….if in fact it ever existed AT ALL!

The reason that I now agree with Glenn Beck, is because I understand the fact that because John McCain masquerades as a conservative, if he had been elected, he would have had the entirety of the Conservative movement behind him, helping push his Progressive agenda……… a deadly mix!

Some of you out there who have been watching John McCain – and have also recognized this mile wide Progressive streak in McCain – understand what I’m saying. But for those of you who may have forgotten, or may not have even noticed at the time, let’s just review some of the “conservative” characteristics and activities of Sen. McCain……..

While the popular view being pushed by McCain’s PR department is that he’s a Conservative, with a couple cute and quirky “mavericky” traits and positions…….. that persona is hugely misleading and could not possibly be any farther from the truth.

Here’s a quick bullet list of “actions” that define his political persuasion:

•McCain’s blatant and consistent support for illegal immigration
•John McCain’s War on Political Speech
•McCain’s support for Cap-And-Trade
•John McCain and his Gang of 14, and their filibuster of the President in 2005
•McCain’s disgusting dirty tricks against J.D. Hayworth in the GOP primary
•McCain’s participation in the Keating Five scandal in 1989 (Google it)
•And….. does “McCain / Feingold” campaign reform ring a bell?

Sorry John, but these are not the characteristics of a Constitutionalist or Conservative!

How many of you remember when McCain cosponsored a patient’s Bill of Rights with John Edwards and Teddy Kennedy?

Do you remember when he sponsored a bill with John Kerry to raise automobile fuel efficiency standards and sponsored a cap-and-trade bill with Joe Lieberman as well?

How about when Mr. McCain was also one of the only six Republicans to vote against drilling in Alaska’s ANWR?

Can’t seem to remember any of those? How about when McCain voted against the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts, when he partnered with Carl Levin on bills to close tax shelters and require businesses that gave out stock options as compensation, to disclose the cost to their shareholders.

You don’t remember that either? Okay, how about when McCain also co-sponsored bills to close the non-existent gun show “loophole”?

No? Well how about the bills he sponsored to expand AmeriCorps and federalize airport security……….. which as we all have seen, continues to be a”stunning success”.

Those things slipped your mind as well? All right. But I’m SURE you remember back in 2001, when John McCain met with Democrats to discuss switching parties?!

And what about in 2004 when he met with John Kerry about possibly being his vice presidential candidate!

And let’s set the Way-Back machine for 1998, where we can hear Mr. McCain actually stating that he wants to ban mixed martial arts! Yep. And this position becomes a little bit more confusing when in 2007, Sen. McCain was one of a handful of legislators who voted against a ban on cockfighting!

But not to worry, McCain has since reversed his position on mixed martial arts, just like he has recently reversed his position on illegal immigration… that he sees how PO’d the American people really are about it…….and he’s up for re-election.

It sort of looks like that when it comes to political aspirations, McCain has learned from mixed martial arts, how valuable the bob-and-weave technique can be.

One of my mother’s favorite phrases has always been “Actions speak louder than words”. And John McCain’s actions have been screaming for years ” PROGRESSIVE ” …… not Conservative, and definitely not Constitutionalist. It’s high time we recognize this, and say it out loud.

But John McCain isn’t the only wolf in Washington wearing sheep’s clothing. The capital is full of them. Glenn Beck is famous for saying that “We cannot change things in Washington merely by voting. We must change ourselves first”. I couldn’t agree more! But voting out every single one of the sitting Republicans is a pretty good start!

All voters need to send a message to Washington that they mean business. Every elected mother’s son and daughter sitting in those chambers representing us, needs to know in their gut that if they don’t listen to us they will be replaced!

For the last 9 1/2 years, we have had our elected representatives look us squarely in the eye – acknowledge that they hear us clearly – and while giving us the single digit salute, turn around and do whatever they wished………….. all the while adding insult to injury, by telling us we were too stupid to understand what was good for us.

It’s time the voters of this country showed their teeth. John McCain and those like him, have got to go…EVERY last one of them!


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