Meet The Micromouse Robot!

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This is a ROBOT!
This “micromouse” robot can navigate a maze unlike any other — robot or otherwise. Built by Ng Beng Kiat, the Min7.1 bot has a top speed of 12 kilometers per hour, and it recently set a new record in the Japan Micromouse Robot Competition with a time of 3.921 seconds. For those not up on their robot maze-racing stats, that’s a full second under the previous record holder. Of course, it didn’t just blaze through on its first attempt. The bots are first allowed an autonomous exploration phase, but even it is fairly impressive to watch. Check out it and the record-setting run after the break.

In this first video, the “mouse” is allowed to explore and learn the maze, before going for “time”……..

In this video, the “mouse” will run the maze after exploring it, to set a new world record!



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