Mexico Sues U.S. Over Guns

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Recently, a federally condoned program by the ATF called operation “Fast and Furious” has once again called into question the competency of the US Justice Department, and Attorney General Eric Holder – under whose auspice ATF operates.  Operation Fast and Furious was designed and implemented with the intention of being able to track legally purchased firearms in the United States to criminals in Mexican drug cartels. The primary thrust of this illicit program, was to prove beyond any doubt that legally sold firearms in the United States, was a detriment to national security. Looking at it after the fact, it is clearly an unveiled attempt at a frame up to “prove” that the Second Amendment is inherently flawed and gun ownership is too dangerous to the public good – leading ultimately to complete confiscation of all firearms.

Fast and Furious was designed to reinforce the anti-gun lobby’s contention that guns need to be banned.  When operation Fast and Furious finally made it to the public eye, almost 1800 firearms had been allowed to be delivered with the blessing of the BATF, into the hands of Mexican drug cartels and assorted Mexican criminals. And a couple of these 1800 firearms had been found at the murder scenes of innocent US citizens, which included U.S. law enforcement personnel.

Adding insult to injury, CBS news now reports that the Mexican government has retained the law firm of Reid Collins & Tsai, a prestigious law firm based in Austin Texas, to sue U.S. gun manufacturers and distributors. The Mexican government signed their contract with this law firm on November 2, 2010. And it could be reasonably assumed that this is the start of the timeframe they intend to implement in the suit.

In a predictably whimsical way, CBS news describes Mexico’s actions as a “novel approach”.  Actually, there’s nothing new, novel, or innovative about this lawsuit. The gun grabbers of anti-gun groups in the private as well as government sector have been using these types of tactics in recent years, in an attempt to bankrupt gun manufacturers and completely circumvent the political process.

And that is exactly why Congress passed the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA) in 2005. The act was signed into law by Pres. George W. Bush on October 26, 2005. The law is intended to protect firearms manufacturers, dealers, and importers from suits brought about as a result of “the harm solely caused by the criminal or unlawful misuse of firearm products or ammunition products by others when the product functioned as designed and intended.” Hopefully, the future of this Mexican government lawsuit doesn’t look very promising, because since the PLCAA was signed into law, no federal court has allowed such a suit by a government plaintiff to go forward against a U.S. firearm manufacturer. But with the current Presidency’s penchant of circumventing congress and the law itself, it can be anybody’s guess this time around at this suit’s viability.

It was bad timing though for the Mexican government, that their lawsuit has come to light at the same time as diplomatic cables from Wikileaks.  These now exposed documents  have conclusively shown that Mexican drug cartels obtain the vast majority of their weapons from Central American arsenals – not the United States. One of these documents was recently published by the Mexico City newspaper La Jornada.  The La Jornada’s article showcases the typical claims by U.S. gun grabbers, that the origin of the guns used in Mexico and Mexico’s crime wave have come from the United States. The author of the Wikileaks document states “Claims by Mexican and US officials that upwards of 90% of illegal recovered weapons can be traced back to the United States, is based on an incomplete survey of confiscated weapons. In point of fact without wider access to the weapons seized in Mexico, we really have no way of verifying these numbers.”

A second wiki leaks document publicized by La Jornada revealed that 90% of the “heavy armament” used by Mexican and South American drug cartels – items like grenades and rocket launchers – actually originate in Central America and come into Mexico through Mexico’s southern border with Guatemala.

Giving additional credibility to these claims, the global research and analysis organization, IHS Global Insight, reported that the head of the U.S. Southern command Gen. Douglas Fraser, testified before the United States Senate that more than 50% of the military grade weapons in the region originated from Central America.

For those that have eyes to see, the picture of the lies and deceptions being used by those who would take away our ability to defend ourselves against their corruption, should be clearer and more obvious every day.  Those who are hell bent on “fundamentally changing” this country are painfully aware, that their plan cannot succeed unless and until we as a people are rendered helpless and defensless.


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