MSNBC Anchor Andrea Mitchell Stutters And Stammers Trying To Defend Obama Lies

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Team Obama continues to double-down on the lies it’s telling about Romney.  But this is to be expected – especially when there still so many (as Bugs Bunny would say) “nin-cow-poops” out there that are completely willing to suck up the swill.

But when you have a major news anchor on a major network grab her pompoms and start defending the lies – especially when they have been so soundly debunked – that’s a different matter.  And that’s exactly what went on over at MSNBC last Tuesday.

Anchor woman Andrea Mitchell had her nose so deeply buried in the talking points of team Obama during her interview with former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu, that when she popped her head up to actually engage the Governor, she realized that she had driven herself right off the “cliffs of insanity”, and squarely into an intellectual ambush.

Her attempt to push on – fight the good “talking points”  fight – and continue to defend her ludicrous Liberal position, results in her becoming squeamish, squirmish and ultimately gangly and ungainly as she is bested by the truth.

Sununu swiftly and mercifully puts her out of her misery.

This is hilarious!


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