Not So Precious

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My wife and I watched the movie “Precious” last night. I’d been reluctant to watch the move, for the simple reason that the Hollywood elite ABSOLUTELY loved it! “Poor black girl abused and victimized, overcomes….” I envisioned yet another vehicle by which the “intellectual Hollywood elites” would once again take the opportunity to lay blame for slavery, bigotry and oppression in the lives of the poor and underprivileged.

They gushed and effused seemingly without end, posing as “oppression’s” surrogate champion. It was this tediously predictable reaction within the Academy and Hollywood in general that succeeded in splashing a bucket of ice water on my enthusiasm to see this picture.

There are some amazingly talented film makers in the world, but The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences usually persists in picking winners based on agenda and politics, rather than quality and substance. But I must admit, with regard to the movie “Precious”, they got it right this time.

I’m not a film critic by any stretch of the imagination. But this film seemed to me to have all the components of a great movie. The acting was amazing….gritty, real, and genuinely unsettling. It created for me a complete suspension of disbelief. I actually found myself forgetting that I was watching actors in a movie.

This dark film drove home the searing reality of conditions in New York’s Harlem district – and specifically, the unrelenting waves of cruelty crashed against one innocent, genuinely bright, sensitive and loving black girl named Precious.

But as I watched this brilliant docudrama about life, death and hope in the New York ghetto, a couple of questions began running through my head. Why had the film community become so enthralled by this movie? Was it because of the amazing writing, acting and technical presentation, that made this such a riveting and poignant human drama?

Or was the film presented with two Oscars by the Academy because of its premise….a story that pandered to Hollywood’s addiction to faux humanitarianism and synthesized compassion for any “poor oppressed victims” so cruelly and viciously stripped of their humanity, and beaten down by establishment society?

And further, didn’t these Hollywood intellectuals have any clue whatsoever that what this film documented were the ultimate consequences of Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty”…the creation of the welfare state – a new 20th century plantation in Washington.

I continued to wonder, if they even bothered to ask WHY the horrors portrayed in this film even existed – what created them. Did they even give a casual thought to Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society, and how Johnson believed in expanding the government’s role in social welfare programs – from education to healthcare.

Did they know their history well enough to realize that Johnson’s programs were merely a continuation of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and the “Four Freedoms” he promised in 1941? Did they consider the irony of how this young girl was stripped of those “Four Freedoms” of speech, Freedom of religion, Freedom from want and Freedom from fear?!

Do they know? Do they have any idea that this film depicts the legacy of what Liberals and Progressives ALWAYS create? These “brilliant thinkers” that Hollywood idolizes.

Does Hollywood have ANY inkling that this movie is a monument to the painful and despicable stock and trade of the Liberal LEFT……………human slavery?!

No. Probably not.


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