Obama Continues Assault On Catholics

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It’s very rare when a leader of a country or any large organization  really “gets it,” but after speaking with many of the Catholic officials that is what Glenn Beck was led to believe on a recent trip to Rome. Beck reports that the Pope has been appointing a lot of strong traditionally conservative Cardinals.  Cardinals are the select group of men who are eligible candidates to be elected and replace the Pope when he dies.  The Pope is “packing the court” – populating the Catholic Church leadership with those who will stand for their values if he were to step down, or die.  It would be the same as a president installing conservative Supreme Court justices.

President Obama is leading a full-on attack on the Catholics, by strategically accusing the Catholic Church of money laundering!

This comes on the heals of the White House’s frontal assault on the Catholic Churche’s doctrines and values, by strong-arming them through obama-care laws demanding that the Church must provide coverage for birth control and abortion.

The Obama adminstration is “going for the gold” by declaring war on the Catholics.  At first blush, this would appear to be an insane move on the part of Obama administration.  But think about it…….if this regime can bring down the Catholic Church……..how hard will it be to bring down the Methodists, Presbyterians, evangelicals, Bible believing churches, Mormans, Jews or ANY other form of religion?!

Make no mistake, this is not just an attack on the Catholic Church, but a bold and brazen attack on God and religion!  Every one of us – REGARDLESS of religious affiliation, MUST stand with the Catholics.  Because if we don’t – and they are allowed to fall – all other religions are next!

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