Oklahoma Gets It Right!

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Oklahoma has caught a lot of flack through the years, for being “redneck”, “backward” or just basically being populated by hicks, hayseeds and Bible thumpers by the “elites”.  If this is true, I say what this country needs is MORE hicks, hayseeds and Bible thumpers!  Because quietly, but surely, Oklahoma has been doing “the right thing” – taking a stand, and fighting back!

An overwhelming 76% to 78% of Americans identify themselves as “Christian” and subscribe to the traditional “Mother, God and apple pie” approach to being “American”. And yet – in spite of that – a Godless minority has been allowed to dictate how life will be lived in this country…….not ONLY in public, but in private as well.  So, when it comes to light that there is an organized pushback against this “personal tyranny” – news that the lame stream media would never report, John Q. Public needs to take up the slack and spread that news.

And right NOW, the news is that Oklahoma is getting it right by enacting legislation that flies in the face of DC convention, and  ACLU bully tactics.

  • Oklahoma will publicly display the Ten Commandments

Oklahoma House bill 1330 authorized a monument resembling the Ten Commandments to be placed in the State Capitol Park in Oklahoma City. The Oklahoma House passed a final version of the bill by a vote of 83-2, on April 23, 2009.  The Oklahoma Senate had passed it on a vote of

“I voted for it,” said State Representative Ben Sherrer. “I’m a big fan of the Ten Commandments.” House bill 1330 authorizes a monument bearing the Ten Commandments to be placed in the State Capitol Park in Oklahoma City.

Sherrer added the state would be better served if everyone who supported the monument of the Ten Commandments lived by them. Dedication emcee Blaine Jones pointed out, “The good thing is, it passed. The bad thing is, they’ll be written in Hebrew.”

  • Oklahoma will collect DNA samples for a federal database from criminals and illegal aliens

On April 23, 2009, House Bill 2245 passed  in the Oklahoma Senate with a vote of 43 to 0.  The Oklahoma Criminal Illegal Alien Rapid Repatriation Act of 2009 “would allow the Oklahoma Department of Corrections to immediately send inmates who are in the country illegally to Immigration and Customs Enforcement for deportation.”

The bill applies only to criminals who are in prison for non-violent crimes who have served at least half of their sentence.

“The people of Oklahoma should not have to pay the tab for the federal government’s failures,” said the bill’s author, Randy Terrill after its unanimous passage in the House last month. “The Criminal Illegal Alien Rapid Repatriation Act will shift the financial burden of imprisoning these inmates to the federal government and save the state more than $3 million.”

Terrill says there are currently more than five hundred illegal immigrants in state prisons and that nearly 70-percent of them are eligible for the proposed deportation program.

The state currently pays about $20,000 per year to house each inmate.

  • Oklahoma will deport illegal aliens if arrested for criminal activity

State Bill 1102 would require that illegal aliens and criminals convicted of a host of misdemeanor crimes to submit themselves for DNA sample collection by law enforcement.  That data would then  be entered into a federal database.  The amended bill approved Monday is dubbed Juli’s Law in honor of Jewell “Juli” Busken, an OU student from Arkansas who was raped and murdered Dec. 20, 1996. Busken disappeared from her Norman apartment complex and was later found dead on the shore of Lake Stanley Draper in far southeast Oklahoma City.

“By casting a wider DNA net, I believe we will quickly identify individuals who have committed numerous crimes that remain unsolved,” said Rep. Randy Terrill, R-Moore, who amended the bill to include the new language. “Criminals don’t usually confine themselves to one type of crime.”

  • Oklahoma will declare itself a sovereign state

Oklahoma’s House Concurrent Resolution 1028 will give the state sovereignty. The resolution’s author, state Rep. Charles Key, R-Oklahoma City, told reporters, “The point of the resolution is to tell federal lawmakers and the president to stick to their jobs as outlined in the U.S. Constitution and quit handing out federal money to failing companies.”

There are several other states sovereignty movements in the nation including Texas, California and Alaska.   Oklahoma’s bill passed their lower house overwhelmingly but stalled in the Senate last fall and is being held over for consideration in the new year.

  • Oklahoma gun law confirms the right to bear arms

Last May, House Bill 1025 was passed by the Oklahoma house by a vote 70-8 which would make it a misdemeanor for employers to inquire if job applicants own a gun.

The legislation, House Bill 1025, is in response to President Barack Obama asking potential cabinet members if they owned or possessed a firearm, and if so, for its registration information on their background application.

Rep. Rex Duncan, author of the bill, criticized Obama’s question as an infringement on Second Amendment rights and wants to make sure no Oklahoma employers, both public and private, are allowed to ask a similar question on a job application.

“I was deeply offended by President Obama’s question,” said Duncan, R-Sand Springs. “I think Oklahoma employers are smarter than to ask a question like that as a term of employment, but this legislation will make sure.”

“It is inappropriate for any employer to exploit an employment application to determine a person’s job eligibility or to breach their privacy and constitutional rights,” said Chris W. Cox, the executive director of the National Rifle Association-Institute for Legislative Action. “Gun owners and hunters are grateful for the leadership of Representative Duncan for his efforts to preserve their privacy and Second Amendment rights.”

The bill passed the House Judiciary Committee and will next be heard for a full vote on the House floor.

Way to go OK!!


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