Oliver Stone Drubbed Over ‘Imbecile’ Remarks

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One of Hollywood’s most notorious purveyors of conspiracy theories is curiously uncurious about the “mass scheme and Marxist motives masquerading as environmentalism,” says the author of a book offering new revelations on global warming.

While promoting his latest film on Venezuelan socialist President Hugo Chavez, director Oliver Stone recently argued for the nationalization of energy.

“We shouldn’t make this kind of profit on oil or on health or on war or on prisons,” the Associated Press reported Stone saying. “All these industries should be public industries.This BP oil spill is typical.”

What should we expect from the “minister of propaganda” for a “tin-pot dictator,” asks Brian Sussman, author of the new WND Books title “Climategate: A Veteran Meteorologist Exposes The Global Warming Scam.”

In Climategate,” Sussman produces ample evidence that the architects of the environmental movement remain intent on consolidating national wealth under the guise of “saving the planet.” Individual energy consumption, says Sussman, is “Public Enemy No. 1 in the bogus case” against carbon dioxide.

“Stone has it backwards,” says Sussman. “The BP oil spill is the result of militant environmentalists and their lackeys in Congress who have forced the oil companies to drill for oil miles offshore, in water that’s a mile deep.”

“Climategate” reports “there is no reason to drill in such risky waters when the largest oil reserve on the planet lies beneath federally owned land in the Rockies,” says Sussman.

“Geologists estimate there may be 1.8 trillion barrels of oil sitting beneath land that ‘we the people’ own,” he says. “Politicians have given in to the environmentalists and have placed that resource-laden land off limits for exploration and development. Besides cheap and abundant oil and natural gas, the amount of money the federal government could make by leasing the property to the oil companies would help reduce our national debt.”

Sussman’s reporting has earned high praise for its insight and effectiveness. Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann recently credited him with informing the public outcry against President Obama’s controversial cap-and-trade legislation – which many fear will decimate the already hobbled economy.

“It is because of patriots such as (Sussman) that the climate change agenda has been called into question by the American people,” Bachmann says.

But that agenda needs spokesmen like Stone, says Sussman, who describes Stone as yet another example “of a high-profile, useful idiot whose role as Marxist mouthpieces have proven historically essential to advancing totalitarian regimes.”

“Oliver Stone is a clever Hollywood director, but he’s the minister of propaganda for goons like Castro and Chavez,” says Sussman. “He doesn’t talk about the poverty, energy shortages, and food and medicine shortages in Cuba and Venezuela.

“And how can a filmmaker like Stone support a government that takes over independent newspapers, radio and TV stations, and arrests journalists both foreign and domestic?” he added. “The guy’s an imbecile whose favorite past-time is sucking up to tin-pot dictators.”

Stone admitted his film on Chavez, “South of the Border,” refrains from criticizing the Venezuelan dictator.

“You hear all the criticism, all the exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking the economy has surged in Venezuela from 2003 to 2008. … This is a story that people don’t know,” he said.

Brian Sussman served as the Bay Area’s most celebrated television science reporter and meteorologist, having earned honors from The Associated Press, the Radio-Television News Directors Association, the National Education Association, and the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.


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