OWS Protestors Booted From Park by NYPD

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by MyFox.com on 15-11-2011

NYPD Clears Out Zuccotti Park: MyFoxNY.com

NYPD officers swooped down on Occupy Wall Street shortly after midnight to evict the protestors from their Zuccotti Park campground,  kicking off a series of arrests and leaving the movement in disarray.

Police arrested just under 200 protesters (according to Mayor Michael Bloomberg), including some who chained themselves together inside the Occupiers’ kitchen tent.

I arrived on the scene shortly after the first wave of arrests took place in the park. The remaining protestors swarmed the police barricades that had been set up to prevent anyone from getting within a city block of the Zuccotti Park site.

The Occupiers gathered around me were furious and confused. Early attempts to get a consensus on next steps were drowned out by verbal abuse directed at the police.


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