Please Forgive This Selfish Bigot

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Living with the guilt has just been more than I can bear. So I must present myself for public forgiveness and confess “I am a selfish bigot.”

You may ask how I can know – much less confess – such a thing. Well, it has been surprisingly easy. I have had the benefit of readily accessible and trustworthy sources upon which to rely. Among them have been many newspapers, television newscasts and “cultural” leaders. I was surprised to find that there were also many clergy at the ready – standing behind their pulpits with great indignation, cloaking themselves in God’s own authority – sounding condemnation of my deplorable and depraved state.

I had muddled through so many years, believing that the tax dollars I paid were actually my money. But I have seen the light. My money really belongs to those wise and venerable men and women who were sent to Washington to represent us. For the last nine years, I have labored under a false sense of betrayal, believing that these great men and women continued to ignore me – telling me that they knew how to spend my money much better than I. But I just wouldn’t listen. How could I have been such a fool.

But finally, they have made me see the light. I now know, that the best way for me to be responsible with their money, would be to send every last penny I make to them. Only then, could they send me back what they don’t need – having spent much more wisely than I ever could. How could I have been so selfish? Wanting to keep my money for myself and my family!

And my selfishness was beyond belief! I had no idea that it was the money I earned that SHOULD have been going to pay for the lives of those who refused to get jobs. How dare I withhold food, housing, healthcare, transportation and yes – even the dream of retirement on my Social Security dollars, from those millions of jobless people – many of whom weren’t even U.S. citizens. What a vindictive wretch I was!

Maybe if I had just unclenched my greedy fists, I could have prevented scores of hospitals from closing their doors – from the weight of being forced by laws, to treat so many indigent, illegal and uninsured people. All it would have taken to keep those doors open would have been more of my money….I mean, Federal tax dollars.

And as if my greed was not enough of a burden of guilt to bear, I have now been told that I am a racist, bigot and xenophobe! What a racist idiot I have been indeed! But I beg for forgiveness.  How was I to know I was being blinded by common sense?

It only seemed logical, that if 99.9% of every individual that committed an act of terrorism, was identified as a Middle-Eastern Muslim man, between the ages of 19 and 28, THEY should be looked at more closely than an 89 year old grandmother!

What an idiot I was to think that it should be those innocent young men who should be targeted for special scrutiny as terrorist threats. But again I was wrong. I found out that focusing on those young men was the WORST example of racial profiling.

And my bigoted, racist tendencies became even more clearly defined, when I naively mentioned that we SHOULD welcome immigrants to this country – but that they should obey the law, and go through the proper steps. But again, I was wrong. After all, it’s not their fault. They are fleeing a country whose government is absolutely corrupt and lawless.

How could I have known that their need to “just find a better life for themselves and their families” superseded the necessity to obey our laws? But after experiencing the chastisement and derision of news papers, television, minority leaders – even clergy representing this vast array of people we have oppressed, I finally understand!

I now see that their needs to be a different standard – a “special standard” for these poor people that have been victimized by America. How can we deprive them of a livable wage? How can we impose upon them the burden of paying taxes?

How reprehensible it is to withhold from these downtrodden masses, free healthcare, free social services, free education, and free legal representation, just because of some ridiculous laws? To tell these people that they must obey the same laws as the rest of us is racism, pure and simple.

We Americans have had it TOO good for way too long “bitterly clinging to our guns and religion”!  How arrogant are we to believe that the country we have worked so hard to build – the sacrifices that have been made and the blood that has been shed to protect it, should belong to us?!  It’s time we started giving it to those who REALLY deserve it!!

How could I have become such a selfish bigot?!


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