Police Arrest Protesters Who Refuse to Disperse In Oakland CA

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by Robert Ringer on 08-11-2011

Police arrested protesters who refused to disperse near City Hall in Oakland, Calif., on Nov. 3.

As the election season revs up, bull-slinging, the favorite sport of the criminal class east of the Potomac, is in full bloom. Some of the best zingers we’ve been treated to lately include:

 ■  Che Obama, at the G-20 in France, saying, with a straight face: “I have to tell you,  the least of my concerns at the moment is the politics of a year from now.” Sure,      Barry.
 ■  Nancy Pelosi, at a recent press briefing, saying, with a straight face: “If President         Obama and the House congressional Democrats had not acted, we would be at 15       percent unemployment.” Sure, Nancy.
 ■ Joe Biden saying, with a straight face, that if Obama’s $447 billion “jobs bill” (i.e.,     stimulus package) is not passed, there won’t be enough police to prevent rapes     and robberies. Sure, Joe.

Do they really believe any of this nonsense? No, of course not. But they do know, through experience, that slinging a decorative array of fecal matter against the wall can win over a significant portion of the electorate — particularly those who don’t know the difference between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

But let’s put the sleepwalkers aside for a moment. They’re pretty much already owned by the left anyway. I’m more concerned about the supposedly conservative media types who are hopelessly trapped in the Beltway Paradigm.

By Beltway Paradigm, I’m talking about those who believe the far-left zealots will ultimately fail because, in the end, the free market will overrule their desires. They are fond of saying that socialism is simply not in the American DNA; thus, in the next election voters will root out those on the far left.

Their problem is that they do not understand how the left-wing revolutionary mind works. Lefties know that communism makes the masses worse off, but they also know they can override that reality through the use of force.

Media mainstreamers, even those who are usually on target, simply cannot grasp a scenario that is so far outside the Beltway Paradigm. In their minds, they naively assume there will always be a next election.

And, even more naively, they assume the government would never use violence against U.S. citizens. Underlying this naiveté is that they cannot bring themselves to believe there is a serious revolution afoot in this country — and throughout the world.

In that vein, a year ago I participated in a panel discussion with three staunch Republicans, one of whom was a high-profile Fox News contributor. At one point in our discussion — and without giving it a second thought — I happened to mention Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler and Barack Obama in the same sentence, which caused the Fox News contributor to frantically blurt out, “I didn’t say that!” to make certain the audience knew the comment had not come from him.

His knee-jerk attempt to distance himself from my comment took me aback, because I sometimes forget that mainstream guys never stray from the comfortable thoughts contained within their Beltway Paradigm. And, rest assured, revolution is not within that paradigm.

Whether it’s the Occupy Wall Street protesters, rioters in Greece, public workers defacing the State Capitol building in Madison, Wis., or thugs tearing down the city of Oakland, Calif., brick by brick, they are all focused on the same objective: equal distribution of wealth and a classless society. They may not use the word communism, but communism is precisely what they yearn for.

Do I believe every person in these rowdy mobs is consciously involved in a communist revolution? No, of course not. A majority of them, in fact, are probably nothing more than “useful idiots” who are hopelessly addicted to the idea of less and less work coupled with more and more entitlements. I doubt they realize that the system they long to see implemented is communism — or ultimately leads to communism.

In The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels wrote:  “In short, the Communists everywhere support every revolutionary movement against… existing social conditions. Let the ruling classes tremble at a Communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win. Working men of all countries, unite!”

The key words here are “support every revolutionary movement against… existing social conditions.” When you use these words as a filter, it’s easier to understand the connection between such seemingly disparate events as those in Egypt, Libya, Greece, Wisconsin and Lower Manhattan. After all, the only thing that matters is that workers must always revolt against “existing social conditions.”

The result is perpetual revolution, because there are always “existing social conditions.” That’s why most rioters who have been interviewed don’t seem to be able to coherently explain exactly what they’re rioting about. For the left, mob violence is an end in itself. To paraphrase the witch Ursula in the Disney classic “The Little Mermaid,” it’s what they live for.

One of Vladimir Lenin’s more infamous statements was when he said, “We say that our morality is wholly subordinated to the interests of the class struggle of the proletariat.” Translation: Anything goes, because the communists’ noble end justifies any means, including lying, stealing, cheating or even murdering innocent people. From whence comes the kind of absurd bull-slinging we hear from committed lefties like Obama, Pelosi and Biden.

Marx and Engels viewed the world as divided into two classes: the exploiters, who own the means of production; and the exploited, who have no choice but to sell or trade their physical labor in order to survive. Based on the worldwide uprisings we’ve seen over the past year, nothing much has changed in the 163 years since Marx and Engels wrote The Communist Manifesto. Isn’t it amazing that the revolution they called for is still going strong so long after the collapse of the great social experiments in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe?

Above all, Marx and Engels fervently believed that the root of all evil is private property. They cared little about freedom; because, clearly, freedom is impossible without private property. Property is an extension of a man’s life. Thus, if everything he creates can be taken from him, he has no incentive to create.  If everything he buys with his earnings can be taken from him, he has no incentive to earn.

I don’t believe it was so much that Marx and Engels didn’t understand this self-evident reality. I believe it was more a case of their choosing to ignore it. In their narrow, somewhat childish, view of the world, workers deserved to receive all of the proceeds from the sale of whatever was produced by their labor. Management, they believed, was incidental to the production of a product; thus, management and owners deserved nothing.

From Greece and Portugal to California and Wisconsin, from Italy and Spain to Illinois and New York, the socialist model is collapsing under its own weight. Economic and demographic forces are shining a spotlight on the reality that the combination of ever-bigger government financed by an ever-smaller tax base is doomed to failure.

Nevertheless, Obama and his class-warfare pals can win. The more obvious their failure becomes, the more angry and panicked the wealth redistributors, especially in Washington, D.C., will be. Their bull-slinging is easy enough to laugh off, but if it doesn’t work — if it becomes clear that the Democrats are going down to defeat in 2012 — look for them to go to their weapon of last resort and use brute force to “temporarily” suspend elections.

Of course, the least of my concerns at the moment is suspension of the 2012 elections. Sure, Robert.


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