President And Democrats Frantically Backpeddal On Obamacare Being A Tax

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There’s been an awful lot of dust in the air since the Supreme Court’s ruling that upholds Obamacare.

The primary public reaction on the day of the Supreme Court’s ruling, was centered squarely around Chief Justice John Roberts. Was he evil and a turncoat? Or was he a genius, that provided the conservatives with a gift they had yet failed to recognize?

At this point, from my perspective, that’s not the REAL issue.

You would think that the Democrats would be doing their Snoopy dance. Obamacare was upheld by the Supreme Court! They got what they wanted! So why is it, they seem so absolutely embittered and dejected that they got what they wanted?

Here’s why;  for the last two years every single Democrat you could find was standing in line ready and willing to profess in front of any reporter or camera news crew that Obamacare was not, could not be, and cross my heart and hope to die, ever even REMOTELY be considered  or  viewed as a tax of any kind!!  Because “It’s NOT a tax!”

Well, guess what, the reason they got what they wanted, was because Obama’s own lawyer – the the guy who argued the case on behalf of the Whitehouse – the Solicitor General defined Obamacare as a tax.

And now, the Democrats are backing up faster than a dog that just got sprayed by a skunk. The president is obviously hacked off, and has actually sent his spokesman Ben LaBolt to get out in front of every camera, and every talk show he can find, and give the very best example of double talk you’ve ever heard – swearing up and down the Obama administration never ever referred to Obamacare as a tax.

This is getting pretty hilarious.  Reminiscent of that movie where the wife comes in and catches her husband in bed with another woman, and husband jumps up – takes her into the other room as she screams recriminations, and calmly explains to her “Darling, sweetheart, calm down!  That wasn’t me!!”

Watch the video, as Fox’s Megyn Kelly (herself a lawyer) proves that Obamacare is exactly that –  A TAX, and that the Whitehouse and Democrats have been lying to us all along.


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