Raising A Country of Sissies?

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Where have all the real men gone?  Are they being replaced by metro sexuals?  Recently, a very good friend of mine had his son involved in a tragic, and almost deadly criminal incident.  He was deliberately assaulted by an individual on a golf course while playing in a company golf tournament.  It was clear that this was not an accident.  Because the man hit him once – turned the cart around and hit him again.

Becoming trapped underneath the golf cart, and pinned it against a fence with my friend’s son underneath, the other three players in the foursome watched in horror.  But when it came to taking action, the only one who had the “stones” to actually grabb the driver of the golf cart – yank him out and throw him to the ground, was the only WOMAN in the group!  The other two players – men – both very athletic strapping guys, simply gawked on in a state of helpless twitterment.

It is my opinion, that we are raising a country of sissies!  Because of political correctness, and the women’s Lib movements, we are heading down a road to the complete feminization of America.  Sissies are raising sissies.  It is all starting with the parents.  And all you have to do, is look to a simple example – Summer Camp.

The New York Times reported a story recently that showcased the excessive coddling, spoiling, and indulging of these sleep-over summer camp children by their similarly spoiled parents.  Karen Miller, a 43-year-old stay-at-home mother during the regular school year, has a doctorate in psychology, and is redefining the role of summer camp counselor.  Miller says she counsels parents, spending her days from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. turning out reams of e-mail messages to deliver to Camp Bryn Mawr’s 372 female campers and leaving voice mail messages for their parents that always begin, “Nothing’s wrong, I’m just returning your call.”

Jill Tipograph, a camp consultant, said most high-end sleep-away camps in the Northeast now employ full-time parent liaisons like Ms. Miller, who earns $6,000 plus a waiver of the camp’s $10,000 tuition for each of her two daughters. Ms. Tipograph describes the job as “almost like a hotel concierge listening to a client’s needs.”

This relatively new position as parent liaison, defines what Summer Camp experts say is an increasing emphasis on catering to increasingly high maintenance parents.  These parents are actually making unsolicited bunk placement requests and flagrantly ignoring camp bans on cell phones and junk food. They say that parents consider summer camp as a secret vacation from Ritalin for their kids.

For any of you who attended summer camp in the “old days”…….. like maybe 10 years ago….. you realized that the camp schedule was held absolutely sacrosanct.  So the schedule said…….. so the day went.  No exceptions!  Now however summer camps have parents pulling kids out to act in commercials, compete in gymnastics, or fill choice seats at baseball’s All-Star game.  Dan Kagan, co-director of Bryn Mawr, and Camp psychologist said she used to spend half her time on parental issues.  Now she says, it’s 80%!

Today, camps are doing absolutely ridiculous stuff in an effort to satiate overprotective and over spoiling and meddlesome parents that are in a perpetual hover mode – like uploading photos and video of their kids at daily play, to password-protected websites.  But even this is not good enough.  It only seems to generate more problems.  Because these obsessive, possessive, and controlling parents are either worried with what they’re seeing, or with what they’re not seeing.

“I have parents calling and saying they saw their child in the background of a picture of other children and he didn’t look happy, or his face looked red, has he been putting on enough suntan lotion, or I haven’t seen my child and I have seen a lot of other children, is my child so depressed he doesn’t want to be in a picture,” said Jay Jacobs, who has run Timber Lake Camp in Shandaken, N.Y., since 1980.

“In previous years, parents would understand that we were out in the field with children, and we’d get back to you after dinner when we had freer time,” said Mr. Jacobs, who has fielded inquiries from parents about what day the water trampoline would be fixed and whether a particular child still loved his mother after a promised package failed to arrive. “Now a parent calling at 11 will be off the charts if they don’t have a response by 1 or 1:30.”

Norman E. Friedman, a consultant who conducts training at 44 camps, said parents also take up valuable camp resources by breaking the rules they have tacitly agreed to.

“They’ll give their child two cell phones, so if they get caught with the first one, ‘Just give it up and you’ll have the second one to talk to me,’ “ he said. “That’s widespread, not isolated. I call it fading parental morality. What they’re doing is entering into delinquent behaviors with their children. And what kind of statement is that to a child?”

Marla Coleman, a past president of the American Camp Association who has served as a parent liaison at Camp Echo, a sleep-away camp in the Catskills, speculates that even though one of the reasons for sending your child to summer camp is to help them make decisions on their own and learn independence fails, because the parents themselves don’t really have a feeling of independence.

Coleman says, “Nobody goes to school for how to send your child away from you,” she said. “We help the parents become independent. And especially post-9/11 in today’s society, that’s definitely a heightened need.”  It almost appears as though children today are not being raised as the country’s legacy, but as the parent’s woobie…. a security blanket to placate the parents own insecurity.

As the old saying goes, “you get what you play for”…….a generation of timid, hesitant, tentative sissies.


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