Republican and Democrat Big Shots Terrified Of Rick Perry

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by Michael Huffarhar on 01-09-2011

Hotline is reporting that Washington Democrats are terrified of Rick Perry. They also claim that the Republicans would be much better off with primary voters if they would lend their support to Mitt Romney, who insiders think is certainly more appealing to the independent voters, who will probably swing the general election.

A great many senior Republicans agree that Kerry does have a very special appeal to conservatives. But those same Republicans immediately question Kerry’s ability to win over independent voters. Their claim is that Perry can fire up the base, but that historically elections are one in the middle, and not on the fringes.

The Democrats, have chimed right in, and been the first to agree with those positions, and believe that Romney would be a far better offering by the Republicans then Perry. But to me, logic would dictate that anything that Democrats are in favor of, common sense should be against.

The elites from both the Democrat and Republican parties are being very vocal about Rick Perry’s ability to emerge from the autoclave of scrutiny that every presidential candidate must go through, and emerge intact.

You can say whatever you like about Rick Perry, but when you see the establishment on both sides – Democrat and Republican – shaking in their boots, all of a sudden Rick Perry for president starts to look pretty good.

And as far as Gov. Perry’s alleged repugnance to independents goes, this certainly didn’t stop him from winning the governorship of one of the largest and most diverse states in the union – not once but three times.  And lest we forget, the last time was against a very popular big-city Democrat.

The only thing Rick Perry has to do, to successfully ,and completely dismantle the Obama run for 2012, is to focus on Obama’s abysmal record for destroying jobs, and not creating jobs. If Perry does this, the independent vote will pretty much take care of itself.

Obviously, this strategy is not a well-kept secret, and the anti-Perry Establishment knows this. And they also know that if Rick Perry ever makes it to the Oval Office, they’ll be history.

The establishment also understands that they can control Romney just like they have co-opted, castrated and controlled Obama. For my money, that’s why they chose Obama instead of Hillary. The insiders knew they could never control Bill Clinton, and they were terrified of Hillary for the very same reason.

And those same insiders understand that they can’t control Perry – or Bachmann – or Cain, or Paul either. And that’s a good thing for the American people, and really bad for the establishment.

Let’s hope that when it comes to the election of 2012, the American people and not the insiders – not the powerbrokers – not the good old boys – but the American people, are victorious.


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