No Default Just Fear

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So where exactly are we on this debt deal? Everybody I’ve talked to has just had a belly full of it. The general consensus seems to be “get it over with already!”.  People are just sick to death of hearing about. And trust me, I really appreciate the sentiment. Last night, the Republican leadership actually succeeded in persuading Alan West to change his vote in favor of the Boehner plan. And surprisingly, it was the same thing with Paul Ryan.

Harry ReidBut I really think, that the primary thing that the public is missing, is exactly who the Republicans are dealing with here. The most recent demonstration of who and what we’re dealing with, was given by Debbie Wasserman Schultz, when she displayed the classic Democrat strategy of fear mongering, by stepping out onto the House floor, and accusing Alan West of wanting to cut Medicare and Social Security in the South Florida district in an attempt to terrify grandma and grandpa! So now, all we see in the media is the allegation that Alan West wants to wreak havoc and virtually assassinate senior citizens.  And it’s not really any surprise that the Democrats are going back to the Gingrich that stole Christmas theme , made famous in the Clinton days. The rag the Daily Caller reported “GOP aims to cut Christmas, White House alleges – House Speaker and national grinch John Boehner is planning to spoil Christmas, White House officials are claiming, as they try to head off passage of Boehner’s two-stage debt ceiling bill.

Actually, I don’t think they want to head off passage of the Boehner bill at all. They want the Boehner bill to pass in the house.  From my perspective, something doesn’t smell right.  I think there’s an ambush being laid. There was a story in the Associated Press that hinted at that.  And halfway down the story it said “in fact, Boehner’s plan has enough in common with Reid’s – including the establishment of a special panel to recommend additional spending cuts this fall – that Reid hinted a compromise could be easy to stitch together “ between his nonexistent bill and the Boehner bill.

If you read between the lines you get a little more meaning. And the crux of it as they say, is that over in the Senate Harry Reid really doesn’t have a bill at all! An idea?  Oh sure.  But a real full-fledged bill? When hell freezes over!  And even the idea he has, really hasn’t garnered that much support at all.

Let’s hypothesize for a moment; let’s say that when push comes to shove Boehner doesn’t have the votes in the house to make it happen. And according to politico, as of 9:30 this morning, he didn’t – they’re going to be working the Republican caucus way into the dark of night. But let’s assume for a just moment he gets the votes. The Boehner bill then goes to the Senate where the Senate will make sure it’s DOA. There’s 58 senators that are going to vote against it, simply because they’re in the opposing party.

So here’s what happens, Harry Reid takes the John Boehner bill and puts a little nip here and a little tuck their – plays with a little bit – rewrites it, putting some things in, taking some things out and doing basically whatever he wants with it. And everything he’s done with it is designed to get enough votes from the Democrats (since of course it’s now “Harry Reid’s bill”, wink wink), at which time it gets sent back to Boehner in the house basically looking nothing like the original bill that Boehner offered. But the rationale for passing the Boehner bill in the house is “People we’ve got to get this done!!  We have to make sure we don’t get blamed for the default, and Moody’s downgrading us!”

So after Reid pretty much plagiarizes the original Boehner bill – tinkering with it just enough to make it his – it’ll pass the Senate of course, and then the Democrats will take the “Harry Reid bill” and toss  it right back into Boehner’s lap, putting every scintilla of pressure back on Boehner.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Republicans are damned if they do, and damned if they don’t. As my amazingly intelligent wife articulated, “The merry-go-round has to stop sometime.”, and I think it may as well be now.

There isn’t  going to be any debt default. It’s all hyperbole designed to terrify the American people. The government is taking in Reid / Boehnerover $330 billion per day – certainly enough to service the debt that we have now. And frankly, I’m startled to see how many of the Republicans and their advocates, have bought into that lie of “default”.  As Heritage Foundation economist J.D. Foster, Ph.D. points out:  “Both immediately and long after it reaches the debt limit, the government would have far more than enough revenue coming in that the Secretary of the Treasury could use to pay interest on the debt. Nor would preserving the current debt limit put at risk the full faith and credit of the United States government, as the President’s chief economic adviser has claimed. The government would continue to pay net interest as it comes due.”

And the Democrats just keep chugging right along with the same ol’ same ol’.  All they have are scare tactics, and smearing the opposition. I dare anyone to show me anything from Obama in the way of a bill. Shoot, I’d be tickled to just see anything from Obama in writing that he could even make a bill out of!  The only thing that he has succeeded in doing thus far, is queering any deal put in front of him by the Republicans, regardless of how good or reasonable it is.

My original position when all of this started, was that we needed to take a more conciliatory approach, and not such a hard-line approach to raising the debt ceiling. But the more I watch these clowns, the more I believe that we need to call their bluff.

Lock it down!


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