Romney Accused Of Murder Of Man’s Wife

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In the latest bash Romney ad, the Obama camp has carved out a crawl space beneath their own personal low. The ad is clearly intended to paint Romney as the one solely responsible for killing a man’s wife.

The first question that jumps to mind, is are there people in this country – or should I say, are there a sufficient  number of voters in this country who would make a difference in this election, that are stupid enough to believe this type of outrageous propagandizing?

But these ads aren’t cheap, so I guess the answer to my question is ” Yes”, there must be, because the Obama campaign wouldn’t just fritter away good money on worthless airtime.

Yes folks that’s right! They poison the air, they poison the water, they’re spreading E. coli, they want to rip food from the mouths of children, they want to steal from the poor and give to the rich, and now the Republicans are guilty of the most heinous crime… Murder!!

Is this nation populated by a sufficiently significant number of idiots, that this type of propaganda could possibly get any traction whatsoever?  Well, if you look at the latest polling numbers, apparently there are!

Make no mistake, I am nowhere near being a Romney fan. But when I look at this president having approval numbers in the mid to high 40s, I have to ask, who the hell are these people?! Granted, I would still be mildly surprised if his approval numbers were in the single digits, or even the mid-teens. But  I could simply write that off to racial bias , or stoners and college students believing their agenda driven professors.

But to do what he has done both personally and politically, to still have the polling numbers in the mid to high 40s!  Really?!

My heart goes out to this man, for the great pain and loss he has suffered. I can even understand that kind of pain creating enough anger and bitterness to cause someone to think or even say what he did.  What I can’t understand is any political party using that pain to create leverage.

Even if you are a dyed in the wool Democrat, even YOU couldn’t possibly give a shred of credibility to anything this outrageous.




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