So You Think You Are Free?

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by BOB LIVINGSTON on 03-09-2012

So you think you are free? After all, we have a Constitution with a Bill of Rights that “preserves” our freedoms.

So you think you’re free? Ask Brandon Raub what life in a free country is like. He was kidnapped from his home by the FBI, Secret Service and local police over Facebook posts in which he questioned 9/11 and accused the Bush family of committing crimes. He was held for a week with no charges and had a psychiatrist threaten to medicate and brainwash him.   He’s not alone. John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute, who gained Raub’s release, says calls coming into his organization reveal a pattern of abuse.   In fact, veterans of the perpetual Mideast wars are increasingly being targeted by the state as needing psychological evaluation. That’s because many of them come home and challenge the official line of the wars’ results. The Department of Homeland Security has for years been laying the groundwork toward branding dissent as terrorism and naming veterans as possible ring leaders. Using charges of psychosis or nuttery is one way the state marginalizes dissenters.

But free speech Nazis aren’t just operating in the Federal government. They’re everywhere… especially in schools. Ask Brianna Gentry what it’s like to live in a free country. She was almost kicked out of school because she had a photograph of her military brother and her softball team on a binder cover. When her mother pointed out to school officials that nothing in the school’s rules forbade photographs, the school relented — on the photo of her brother. The softball team was verboten.

Schools are now banning T-shirts with slogans… especially those with Christian slogans. Educators have become the most ridiculous of all bureaucrats. They’ve gotten so ridiculous that now they’re offended by the way a deaf student “signs” his name.

An essence of a free society is property rights. Americans think they can own property. Fail to pay your annual tribute to the king (property taxes) and see who owns it. Or try to fill in a pond (or dig one), knock down a hill (or build one), cut some timber (or plant some), or raise livestock or bees or some other animal other than the state-approved dog or cat and don’t be surprised if a Federal, State or local regulator comes along and puts an injunction on your plans and takes you to court… or has you arrested. Many cities and towns are even citing people over the shrubbery and flowers they plant (or don’t) and flags they fly (or don’t).

Do you own some undeveloped or run-down property? Watch out. Thanks to the Supreme Court, municipalities can just take it away if they think they can give it to someone else to develop so more taxes can be collected on it.

Collecting water falling out of the sky is now a crime. Guy Harrington says he had the necessary permits for his reservoirs, but the State revoked them arbitrarily. Permits? For a pond? When you have to ask the king for permission to put a pond on your own property, that property is not yours. You are merely squatting.

Do you own a gun? Be careful what you say, especially if you’re Christian. A gun grab is under way. The recent shootings in Aurora, Colo., and Milwaukee were false flag operations designed to provide a launch pad for gun control discussions.

Operation Fast and Furious is another false flag implemented to provide cover for an Obama gun grab. Before the scandal broke, I told you how Attorney General Eric Holder was using increased gun violence in Mexico to push for a ban on so-called assault weapons. Then we learned that Holder was responsible for the increased gun violence by encouraging the sale of guns to Mexican drug cartels through straw purchasers in OFF (see Ben Crystal’s reports on OFF here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here).

The Department of Homeland Security has released a number of Orwellian videos like this one encouraging Americans to spy on one another and tattle like school kids. The result has been people reporting to authorities all sorts of legal activities that “concern” them — like the Pittsburgh father who was charged with child endangerment and subjected to a child protective services investigation because he left his children to play in a park (something kids have been doing for generations). In Virginia, letting kids play outside unsupervised got a mom a visit from police.

Totalitarian government bureaucrats (Federal and State) have made war on people who want to grow and eat natural foods, drink raw milk or take natural supplements. In fact, a Wisconsin judge has ruled people in that State have “no fundamental right” to consume any food, own or use dairy cows, or consume milk their cows produce unless they first get government permission. Even your pigs have to be a State-approved color.

Do you think you are free? Try avoiding State-mandated forced vaccinations for your children. Without the approved number of lifetime injections of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and other contaminants it’s almost impossible to get those children into the government indoctrination system known as public (un)education.

As Maryanne Godboldo and Kenneth and Erin Stieler learned, parents have little say in decisions about their children’s healthcare. If some pointy-headed, pencil-pushing, know-it-all government bureaucrat thinks he knows more than you (and most bureaucrats think they do) and you balk at his “omniscient” decision, jackbooted thug government enforcers will just knock your door off its hinges and take your child away.

But don’t think you can film their thuggish behavior. Doing so can get you beaten or shot with a Taser and locked up. Or, if it’s your lucky day, maybe you’ll get off with just a body-cavity search.

All across America, children’s lemonade stands are being shut down and people trying to hand out food and drinks to the needy find themselves under the boot of the growing thugocracy quaintly known as benevolent government out to ensure your safety. Since it’s done for our own good, we’re supposed to silently comply.

We live in an America in which the President can assassinate U.S. citizens on a whim. Thanks to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), Americans can just disappear into gulags, never to be charged and never to be tried. A judge issued an injunction to stop it, but President Barack Obama’s legal team won’t say whether the injunction is being obeyed. Of course, ignoring the law and court orders is standard operating procedure for the Marxist White House usurper and thug in chief.

We live in an America in which a growing band of criminal perverts fondle, grope and take naked photographs of us at airports, bus stops and train stations. We live in an America in which these same government goons are now holding checkpoints to ensure we have our proper papers.

We live in an America our Founding Fathers wouldn’t recognize. They certainly wouldn’t approve of it.

America, land of the free? Hardly.

“But, Bob,” you say, “the mere fact that you can publish this proves you’re free.”

No. It proves only that the oligarchs haven’t yet found a satisfactory way to reign in the Internet revolution. But it’s not because they’re not trying.

John Adams said: “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” Yet God has been pushed out of the schools, the governments and even out of most churches. Want to see the atheists, secularists, leftists and statist bureaucrats go crazy? Let your kid take a Bible to school to read between classes.

The rights of Americans do not come from the Constitution. They come from God. The Constitution merely acknowledges them. It puts restraints on the government to prevent it from trying to take them away. Most Americans have forgotten — or ignored — that.

We must elect only “moral and religious people” to office. Until we do, tyranny will prosper.

by Bob Livingston


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