Spin Spin Spin – Who Really Won?

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by Blanche Archroft on 04-08-2011

Thank goodness for gravity. Because with the amount of spin that’s going on out there today if it wasn’t for gravity, everybody would fly right off the face of the planet. There are two distinct sides of the story being told out there relative to the bill that was just passed on the debt ceiling. On one side of the coin you got all the lefties and their blog sites screaming because they think Obama gave away the farm.

On the flip side of the coin, conservatives think the Tea Party were the chumps who got the shaft, and that they’re all a bunch of losers. But the truth of the matter is, there were absolutely no winners anywhere in this deal. If you want to look for someone that got screwed, it was US – the country did. There were absolutely no winners in this thing. And the only way to look at it, is to say that everybody lost.

Let’s face it, they’ve completely come out of the closet. The left is a bunch of Marxists, and Obama just isn’t moving fast enough for them. They think there’s been a lot of cuts in spending, but truth be told there haven’t been any cuts in spending all – not one red cent. And Obama now has the get out of jail free card to spend 2.1 or $2.4 trillion immediately.

And remember how one of the motivating factors, was that Moody’s was going to downgrade our credit rating if they didn’t raise the debt ceiling, and we went into default? Well guess what boys and girls Moody’s is now saying that they may downgrade our credit rating in spite of this new legislation. And the reason there downgrading us, isn’t for a default – which by the way was never going to happen – it’s because they’re downgrading Obama himself, and his performance during this entire debt crisis which he himself created.

Bloomberg news  reported that  “Moody’s investors service said the US credit rating may be downgraded for the first time on concern that fiscal discipline may erode, further debt reduction measures won’t be adopted and the economy may weaken.”  May weaken?!  From where I sit the only next step for this economy is to zoom right past “may weaken“ and dive headlong directly into complete failure!

There are absolutely no debt reduction measures that have taken place. None!! There’s not one debt reduction measure, and if there’s anybody who tries to tell you different, they are either a complete idiot or a premeditated liar! There was absolutely no reduction in spending. There was absolutely no reduction in debt. There wasn’t any attempt whatsoever!

But as much as I sound surprised, I’m really not. Oh I have to admit there was a short time there, when I held out a bit of hope. But then I realized who we’re dealing with here. We’re dealing with politicians -liars cheats and thieves on one side, and another side populated by people who won’t do their own homework, find the real facts, stop being terrified of being blamed, and take a stand.

But what do you expect, when you have a whole group of people who put their own well-being way before that of the country they are supposed to serve.


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