Stupidity Is No Respector of Persons

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Stupidity is no respecter of persons.  Stupidity is not confined to race or status.  And certainly, stupidity, especially when it involves a male’s response to a female is nothing new.  For reference, see Adam when Eve ate the forbidden fruit and gave it to him.  What did he do?  HE ATE IT!  Stupid!  Yet, men throughout the ages have made the same mistake.

There was a former President who had this stupidity problem too.  Although he would probably say it depends on your definition of stupid.  Yet, he was impeached and rendered pretty much powerless before it was all said and done.  I would define that as stupid.

Then there was Client #9, aka Eliot Spitzer, former governor of New York.  Notice the word FORMER.  Now, I understand that his wife may not have looked like the call girls he was hooking up with, but at the prices he was paying, he could have spent major bucks on plastic surgery and Victoria’s Secret.  It would have kept him out of trouble and avoided the ruined life and family he now must endure.

That leads me to Tiger Woods.  Here is a man, a megagod among athletes.  A billionaire with a supermodel Swedish wife.  I mean this woman ain’t no Hillary, she’s genuinely gorgeous.  So what was he thinking?   Was he thinking she wouldn’t find out?  STUPID.  Wives always find out.  And not only do they find out but they tend to make their husbands pay in several ways.  You can also bet that Jamie was bragging to all of her friends who she was banging.  Why not?  What did she have to lose?  Maybe she was hoping for a piece the Tiger $ billion pie.  And you can bet Elin will get her fair share of Tigers’ billion.  Even with the pre-nuptial she stands to gain millions.  And if she chooses to stay with him, she may gain even more.

And have you seen Jamie Grubbs, the cocktail waitress Tiger was having the affair with?  She’s no Elin.  Yet, she was enough to get him to “transgress.”  Was she worth the price he will now have to pay?  Was she worth the marital settlement with Elin, the lost endorsements, the distractions that may cost him championships?  We may never know what all this will actually cost him, but you can bet that it won’t be cheap.  And that doesn’t even touch the surface of the image damage that he has to endure.  And what about all those children who talked their parents into buying sports apparel with Tigers’ name on it?

Now other women are coming out of the woodwork with their stories.  So, there’s no telling where this will end.  The big question is, will she go the way of Jenny Sanford, who told her husband Mark to leave?  Or will she be like Elizabeth Edwards, Hillary Clinton, Vanessa Bryant and Regina Lasko (wife of David Letterman) and try to salvage her marriage?  All of these women have taken heat for trying to keep their marriages together.  Is the extra money worth the sacrifice for Elin?

NOTE TO TIGER:  You would have been better off to hire a nanny to watch the kids and taken Elin with you on all those trips to LA.

Now Tiger’s all upset about the tabloids and the negative media coverage.  HELLO!  It comes with the territory, Mr. Woods.  You can’t be the top golfer in the world, make $300 million in one year alone and expect people to just leave you alone and not be curious about your personal life.

You welcomed this kind of public scrutiny the first time you won a major golf tournament and moved your family into that exclusive neighborhood.  Privacy is a thing of the past.  Just ask the average Joe who wants to move into an apartment complex or get a job or get a license as a part of his job.  Hey, they do background checks now, and credit checks.  Nothing is sacred, nothing is private, nothing is without consequences, even for a man worth a billion dollars.  So, get over it.

If you wanted a kind of life where public scrutiny is at a minimum you should have gotten a job where you said something like, “Would you like to Supersize that?”

Time will tell what actually happens with this situation, but the image of Tiger Woods will be forever tarnished in the minds and hearts of millions of once endearing fans.

Billionaires can be stupid too.  Because stupidity is no respecter of persons.


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