Summer Nights Are Heating Up

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by Ronald A. Darata on 07-07-2009

A recent headline from the Associated Press proclaimed “Summer Nights, Heating Up, Scientists Say.”

Their warning continued; “America in recent years has been sweltering through three times more than its normal share of extra-hot summer nights, government weather records show, and that is a particularly dangerous trend.  During heat waves, that have many parts of the country in it’s grip, one of the major causes of heat deaths is the lack of night cooling that would normally allow a stressed body to recover, scientists say.  Some scientists say the trend is a sign of manmade global warming.” Does this group of   “some scientists”,  hang out with the “nine out of ten doctors” who recommend?

The article attempts to offer some dramatic scientific substantiation;  “A top federal research meteorologist said he ‘almost fell out of my chair’ when he looked over U.S. night minimum temperature records over the past 96 years and saw the skyrocketing trend of hot summer nights.”

“From 2001 to 2005, on average nearly 30% of the nation had ‘much above normal’ average summertime minimum temperatures–” according to the National Climatic Data in Asheville, N.C. By definition, ‘much above normal’ means low temperatures that are in the highest 10 percent on record.”

Yet in both 2005 and 2003, 36% of the nation had much above normal summer minimums. In 2002 it was 37%. While the highest-ever figure was in the middle of America’s brutal Dust Bowl.

Alright, so what are these statistical facts telling us?  Simple; They’re telling us that we’re NOT setting records! Because the record was set before manmade global warming set in. Back during the Dust Bowl, “when 41% of the nation had much above normal summer-night temperatures, the rolling five-year average of 2001- 2005 is a record, by far!

You can take any five year period – average it – and it still doesn’t beat the record!  And when all the scare mongers start hawking the “fear” of man-made global warming, the irrefutable facts of the past can blow their argument apart.

To fortify the point, there was a recent post in the National Review Online, titled “Global Warming, 1948 Style.”

  • “A scientist friend discovered an article from 1948 entitled ‘The Present Climatic Fluctuation.’ Written by Professor Hans Ahlmann of the University of Stockholm, it begins: ‘The present climatic fluctuation has been discussed since the 1920’s almost exclusively in scientific circles, although it has recently become a subject of more than academic interest…Ordinary people are beginning to realize that something has happened and is happening which is of great interest to themselves. The last dry summer, which transformed large parts of Western Europe into a virtual steppe, increased this interest and also caused anxiety, though this drought cannot be said with any certainty to belong to the present climatic fluctuation.’
    “Sound familiar? All that is missing is a documentary by Thomas E Dewey on the subject. Anyway, Ahlmann documents rapidly rising temperatures, glaciers melting like crazy, atmospheric circulation changes, species shifting, sea level rise, and so on from all around the world. But he concludes: ‘If we find in the Antarctic similar evidence of the present climatic fluctuation as has been found in other parts of the world, we shall be justified in concluding that the present fluctuation is a world-wide phenomenon and probably the result of variations in solar activity which, slow as they may be to take effect, are actually resulting in an improvement in the climate of our world.”


So, what’s the point?  The point is, in 1948, a group of scientists were out saying the very same thing the fear-mongers are saying today.  But there were two major differences; First, the scientists in 1948 concluded that the warming was not manmade.  And second, they had no political agenda.  But they thought it was getting hotter – 58 years ago!

So, we see that the panic is not new.  However, putting the Liberal spin of “fear” on it, is.  But any rational person should ask; “Why would anyone want to scare us like that?”  What could they possibly have to gain?!

The answer is simple.  If you scare people badly enough, their first reaction is to think that whatever it is that’s scaring them, is too monstrous for them to fight on their own.  Their next reaction, is to look for someone to “rescue” them.  And it is a predictable human psychological phenomenon, to turn to the ones who “warned” them in the first place.

But unlike 1948, where there was just “anxiety” –  in the last 20 years the eco-Nazis have deliberately tried to create false fear, by saying that global warming is “MAN’S” fault.  You see, if the warming remained an “act of God”, or just  “Mother Nature”, it’s totally out of man’s control.  But when the cause is attributed to man himself……, well, now it becomes “curable”.  And voila’!!  Guess who wants to come riding in and save the day?!

And for the low low cost of just one single vote, you too can save this beleaguered and endangered planet!  Act now!!!


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