Teamster’s President Hoffa Declares War On Tea Party “S.O.B’s”

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by Dixon Dillon on 06-09-2011

Our government no longer makes any attempt at hiding its alliance with thuggish and criminal individuals. Their rhetoric is becoming blatantly bold – their intentions unvarnished and crystal clear.

The latest in what is now a parade of examples is Jimmy Hoffa Jr., and the speech he gave Labor Day in Detroit.  Mr. Hoffa resorted to foul language and threats of physical violence, while condemning the Tea Party as the primary enemy in a literal war, that Mr. Hoffa vows to win.  For those of you who didn’t hear the speech, here is an excerpt.

This cannot be misconstrued as a metaphor.  This was a direct call for violence.  Make no mistake, this was a premeditated and direct violent threat against a large portion of American citizens.  Mr. Hoffa was taking no prisoners, and even calling for violence against some of the Teamsters own union members.  The Tea Party has a number of Teamsters in its ranks, and that fact enrages Mr. Hoffa.

Considering that President Obama was in attendance, naive onlookers are asking   “So, when is Obama going to repudiate those violent remarks, and  abide by his own dictum against “hateful speech”?  For those having that expectation, I would suggest that they wake up and smell the impending violence.  Mr. Obama has absolutely no intentions of chastising Mr. Hoffa, or repudiating his vulgar threats against American citizens, and nor Hoffa’s call to violence.  Although, Mr. Obama certainly had the chance.

But quite to the contrary, Mr. Obama praised the union leaders.  To quote Mr. Obama:  Some proud sons and daughters of Michigan representing working people here and across the country.  SEIU president, Mary Kay Henry.  (cheers and applause)  Teamster president, Jimmy Hoffa.

And lest it go unnoticed, there is a massive, if not glaring, incongruity here.  Obama has gone to what may be the most failed city in America,  to celebrate the triumph of organized labor – Detroit.  Really?  The unemployment rate in Detroit is presently hovering around 50%.  Half of the city is being torn down and being left for farmland.  And THIS is where Mr. Obama goes to put the successes of union labor on parade?  This is where he pours out his cornucopia of praises for organized labor.  This is where he so openly condones unbridled hate speech, vulgarities, and calls for physical violence on the citizens Mr. Obama has sworn to protect?  This is where he goes to praise thugs, calling them “..proud sons and daughters of Michigan…..” who claim to represent working people….across the country.”



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