Texas – The Most Loved To Hate State

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If you don’t already know it, Texas is absolutely the “most loved to hate state” in America. Just talk to Californians….Coloradans….New Yorkers or the population of any other basically northern liberal state. They HATE us. We’re backwoods, gun slingn’, arrogant troglodytes who pose a danger to the rest of the country! We are the hated and maligned “buckle” on the Bible Belt – the sanctuary of every knuckle dragging murderous militia group in the south. They truly hate us! And you know what, I LOVE it!

Why do I love it? Because I’ve figured out why: This country has been manipulated into an insidious mindset. No longer are there absolutes – good and evil – right and wrong – truth and lies. Today, everything is subjective. How do you “feel” about it? What is your “perspective”?

“Equivocation” rules the day. “Subjectiveness” is king of the intellectual public debate. We have crafted a society that cannot exist without an “out” – a way to back away gracefully, when public opinion changes. “Commitment” is to be avoided at all cost. Taking an immoveable stand – fearlessly defending your position with absolute, unarguable, documented FACT and TRUTH is anathema to Political Correctness, and Social Tolerance.

It was once said, that “compromise is what occurs when you lack confidence in your convictions”. So it goes, that in today’s society ANYONE who actually has the courage to stand up and say “I am POSITIVE!” about ANYTHING…..well, it just makes people VERY uncomfortable. And when it comes to doing that very thing, Texas is the absolute best at it!

Texans look at Texas…..and their place in it with great pride. Even those who aren’t “native” Texans – but those who say – “No, I wasn’t born here. But I got here as fast as I could.” Texans are absolutely rigid in their opinion that Texas is THE best place to live, on the planet…PERIOD! “And if you don’t think so, get the hell out!” That makes those “other” people stark raving crazy. “How dare you be so sure about ANYTHING!” And that’s why they hate us.

And Texas has once again seriously hacked off a whole bunch of those linguine spined advocates of historical revisionism, subjectivism and equivocation, by its adoption of new standards for school books in Texas. They’re screaming like stuck pigs………..

“Texas cooks the Textbooks.”

United Kingdom’s Guardian
“Texas school board rewrites US history with lessons promoting God and guns.”

LA Times
“Producing the next generation of Reagan worshipers..”

Huffington Post
“Texas State Board Of Education Swamped With Criticism Over New Textbook Guidelines”

WGN TV – Chicago
“Texas school leaders push for conservative textbooks”

ABC News
“Texas ‘Christian’ Textbooks Coming to Class”

The NY Times
“Texas Conservatives Seek Deeper Stamp on Texts”

The Washington Post
“A bill introduced in California seeks to protect the country’s largest school system from the Texas Board of Education.”

Why are all these folks so beside themselves? Why? Well, it’s pretty simple. Texas conservative educators have said enough is enough. “The children of this state need to be taught the “facts” of this country’s history. We owe it to them to teach them the truth, no matter how great or painful it may be.” said one of the board members.

The new standards include references to the importance that Christian influences had on America’s Founding Fathers. In addition, the United States government will be referred to as a “constitutional republic.” This differs from the previous description of a “democratic” government.

What will be deleted from publications is the constant refrain of the “separation of Church and State.” Most people know that this is not found in the Constitution anywhere, although many like to pretend it is. (What actually IS in the Constitution is the following: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”)

And another area where the Texas Board of Education should be applauded: they will require public students to evaluate the efforts of global organizations like the United Nations that undermine U.S. sovereignty! And who knows, maybe more people will come to the realization that the United Nations is just a useless group of thugs – and an ineffective organization at that. Our country should stop paying the credit card tab of a bunch of America-bashers!

The new publications will also contain the truth about slavery in the United States – and how the Founders wrenched over this evil institution. Because to hear the retelling by many people today, in the wake of the historic election of our first black president they were just everyday slave owners.

And also, after having been extinguished for so many years, the new school books will once again shine the light of truth on our founding fathers – what they stood for. It will show them to be NOT “deists” as present school books would have us believe, but CHRISTIANS!

And you know what really REALLY chaps their laps?! Texas is the second largest market for school books in the country. So, the way educational economics are primed gives the Texas board’s decision national influence: Because Texas buys millions of textbooks each year, publishers cater to their standards, which results in books that comply with Texas being used in many other states.

They must be terrified! The TRUTH might just escape….running rampant through the country….trampling back the crop of lies, deception and hidden agendas they’ve taken so long to cultivate.

So you see, when “they” hate Texas…………..I LOVE it!!


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