The Attack Of The “ERs”

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At the risk of sounding like the Department Of Redundancy department, I shall say it again…………..”In the last 35 years, NO ONE has – to my satisfaction – been able to illustrate ANY substantive difference between “conspiracy” and “teamwork”. No one!

Without fail, the standard in defending a “difference” has always been “Well, Ron, conspiracy is bad. And teamwork is good !” But when I ask “…….and just who determines “good” and “bad”?” Their argument begins to crumble, and they begin to stutter – realizing that inherent subjectivity is their enemy.

And with the surgical removal of God from the public venue, society has removed the only moral measurement that would give ballast to their argument. At this point, I could launch into a diatribe about “conspiracies” – true and false – good and bad…….Who really killed Kennedy? Was 911 really what we were told? Did Roosevelt actually know about the Pearl Harbor invasion before hand? Was the swine flu manufactured? Is the world really run by secret organizations? Was Jesus’ body stolen instead of raised from the dead? Was Marilyn Monroe murdered by the government? Was the moon landing staged? But discussing those topics would take us off point.

When questions like these are postulated, and defenses of them are posed, we tend to lose sight of one very critical inherent aspect of the discussion……It’s not really the question that is important, but rather the relevant TRUTH as it applies to that discussion. And absolute resolution to ANY of those questions depends on exactly two things: The ability to PROVE the truth….and once proven….. the willingness of the opposing side to LISTEN to that proof.

William Shakespeare made a great point in his play Hamlet when he wrote “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” And in my opinion what he’s saying here, is that TRUTH shouldn’t have to be that much work! “Truth” is that which just IS. While lies are things which must be “fabricated”. And fabrication takes lots of energy!

These days, there is an innovative strategy at work to attempt to suppress “truth”. Initially, I wanted to refer to it as “discreditation”. But that wouldn’t be wholly accurate. Discrediting “truth tellers” is an old game…….easily visible in recent history. Smear campaigns, propaganda, misinformation and direct personal attacks can be found without much effort in the last 100 years. But they were effective…… not because of their subtlety, but rather because of the naïveté of the target audience.

But in the 21st century, we’re far to socially adroit – much too sophisticated to fall for such transparent ploys to sway our psyches. So those who profit from defending lies and whose success depends on a veil of misrepresentation, have found a new way – a much more sophisticated way of attempting to discredit anything that threatens their agenda.

It is the ATTACK OF THE “ER’s” !

That’s right! The “ER’s”. That dreaded suffix, crafted as a poisonous attachment to any cause, position or postulate requiring squelching. If you believe that President Obama was not born in this country, you are a “Birth-er”. If you think that there is the possibility that there is more to 911 than we have been led to believe, you are a “Truth-er”. If you are a member of – or support the Tea Party, you are a “Teabag-er”. (Ok…….considering the reprehensible reference to some sexual act, this is doubly irritating. But you get the point.) And most recently, if you support the 10th Amendment to the Constitution, you are a “Tenth-er”.

From a grammatical perspective, the suffix “er” has the ability to convert an adjective or a verb to a noun. Or if the root word is already a noun (truth), it adds a greater degree of specificity – or personality if you will – to that noun. You may ask “What difference does THAT make?” It’s very strategic: By adding the “er” you personalize the word. It’s much easier to attack a person than a concept! And by doing THAT, you don’t need silly incidentals like facts and truth. No need for real debate. You just attack your opponent personally, by smears and name calling!

I find it interesting though, how this “er” suffix appears to have special significance. It seems as though it is applied only to those topics having the greatest potential to do real time damage. “Birthers”, “Truthers”, “Tenth-ers” and “Teabaggers” can’t be allowed to be taken seriously. Why? I mean, if they are as stupid, dangerous, vicious, ridiculous and WRONG as they are being made out to be, why not just whip out the TRUTH and crush them once and for all? THAT would certainly shut them up, and do a great service for the American people.!

Why don’t they ‘whip out the truth’? Because they know that truth is not on their side. If the truth were ever to actually see the light of day, they’d be doomed. Because “Truth” ALWAYS emerges victorious…………sooner or later!

I’m just wondering when the poisonous “ER” will be attached to other concepts or beliefs that could become problematic…… like “Christ-ers”, “Faith-ers”, or “Church-ers”……or maybe even “Americ_ers”.

Sound Far fetched? How would “Tenth-er” have sounded 2 years ago?


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