The “Christian” Terrorist

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When the news first broke about the bombings in Oslo Norway, the vast majority of news agencies and reporters understandably assumed that it was another attack by Islamic extremists. But as the story rapidly unfolded everyone was surprised to hear that the terrorist was a tall blonde Nordic man. What?!

The very first news reports on the terrorist Anders Behring Breivik, immediately began describing him as a “Christian terrorist”.Anders Breivik Certainly, that was the front page headline of the New York Times. It appears, that the application of this description was conveniently pulled from Breivik’s own Facebook profile’s postings, referring to himself as a Christian fundamentalist. So, what self-respecting investigative journalist could help but surmise, that this man was indeed a Christian, and a terrorist?  Take him at his word, and present it as fact, right?

Let’s be crystal clear, this man is no more a Christian than Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, John Wayne Gacy, or for that matter, Charles Manson. Let’s remember, that Benito Mussolini also referred to himself as “Christian”.  I challenge… let me put a really sharp point on this….. I DEFY anyone on the face of this planet to demonstrate in ANY substantive way that this murderous poster boy for evil is in any form or fashion Christian!

The only connection Breivik has to Christianity, is that he embodies everything that Christ told his followers NOT to be!  What he is, is a cold blooded murderer and unadulterated racist, who absolutely loathes Muslims. In his 1500 page manifesto Breivik lays out his religious beliefs. These beliefs are framed in the context of an explicitly political agenda. His vision of converting Europe to Christianity is to eradicate what he calls the “Islamization” and “multiculturalism” in Europe.  “Eliminate those that don’t agree with your religious beliefs.”    Sounds more like jihad than evangelism to me.

So why is it that the mainstream press is so knee-jerk in its reporting of Breivik and his massacre of 76 innocent lives? Why is it that their reporting immediately wanted to label this man “Christian”?

Timothy VcVeighThe less cynical would conclude that it was accidental, careless, inept, or just lazy reporting. Personally, I am not so kind. I believe the Progressive controlled press desperately wanted another Timothy McVeigh – a white self-proclaimed Christian.  And that the labeling of this madman as a Christian was a deliberate and premeditated attempt to brand this man as being affiliated with the one group of people that poses the greatest threat to the liberals and their agenda – Christians!

Let’s get real here; the Progressive Left hates Christians and all that they stand for. That’s why we see every other religious belief, or social mores sanctioned and defended, but Christians and Jews are fair game. Christians worship God, not the government. Christians are against abortion. Christians decry homosexuality and its agendas. Christians oppose the abandonment of Israel.  Christians believe this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles.  Christians believe that there should be prayer in schools.  Christians believe that the rights and freedoms of man come from God, not the government. So from a Progressive Left perspective, what’s not to hate?  Christians are against, and pose a threat to everything that the Progressive Left holds as primary components of its agenda, and ultimate plan to “Fundamentally change America…..”.

I will watch with great interest, the response from true Christians in this country to this blatant and deliberate defamation of their faith.  A great many Christians to whom I have spoken in the past about Islamic terrorists, seem to say the same thing; “Where are the good Muslims?   Why aren’t they speaking out against the evil that is being done in the name of their religion?!”

I would like to bring some equality of logic to that same argument;  “With what is obviously a calculated attempt by the press to paint this evil and murderous vermin as a follower of Christ, where are the true Christians?  Where is the outrage? Where are the outcries of “righteous indignation”?  Why aren’t we speaking out against the evil that is being done in the name of Christianity, with greater energy than the evil that slanders it?!”

Let Christians heed the words of Christ in Matthew 10:33, “If you deny me before men, I will disown you before my Father in heaven.”

Only time will provide answers to these questions.


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