The Death Of A Child

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After the creation of man, the second most significant and valuable creation of God, is the family.  The family is his extended presence here on earth.  I believe that the most honorable and admirable privilege of any human being, is to be a parent……….a GOOD parent.

So, I’ll take this opportunity to severely alienate, and consequently offend many, when I say that a disturbingly high number of people who have had children, are lousy parents.  Too many people today have children for all the wrong reasons……’s expected of them – their friends (married and unmarried) are having them – to save a marriage – it’s sheik, a fashion statement – completely by accident…….ANY reason but the right ones.

So, when I meet GREAT parents, I am in awe!  I am incapable of giving to them all the respect, honor and admiration they deserve!  Because to be a truly great parent involves true selflessness, absolute dedication, endless diligence, insurmountable patience, and a level of love, compassion, tenderness and grace that is second only to God Himself.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must tell you that I have never been a parent………not by chance, but by premeditated deliberation.  Because, I realized way back then, that I had NONE of what it took to be what I knew a parent should be. The thought of taking responsibility…COMPLETE responsibility……for another human life was – to me – terrifying!  Hence my deep and abiding admiration for those true heroes who ARE great parents.

And so it is, that I am left absolutely confounded, when I hear about a child who self destructs.  When I hear about children that go on killing sprees…….children from “good” families, that overdose on drugs….are party to some heinous cruelty to people or animals….or murder their OWN children……..I ask the same question “Where were the parents?!”

Who missed the signs?  Who didn’t notice?  Or……who was too busy, too selfish or too distracted, or worst of all…. just didn’t care?!  Tragedies like those don’t happen without warning signs.  What kid has a basement full of weapons without someone noticing?  And unless they are “ambushed” by someone disguising some drug slipped unawares into food or drink….. who can use drugs long enough to overdose without at least ONE parent noticing changes in their behavior?!

This country has suffered the very SAME neglect!  How did we get to this place…..these tragic circumstances, without someone noticing?  How were we too busy, too selfish, too distracted, or just didn’t care, to let this happen?!

We are ALL the parents of America.  Have you ever wondered why the founders of this country are referred to as the “Founding Fathers”?  Haven’t we all heard the term “birth of a nation”?

And this charge of ours……this “offspring” of those who gave it life, is on the brink of destruction!  For whatever reason, we have left this beloved child in the hands of cruel and evil babysitters………..we have come home to find the house in shambles, and our child near death.

A good friend of mine related a story to me the other day:  He said that he had recently had lunch with friend…..a good man….a Christian man…and was trying to explain to his friend how the country has come to this dire state.

My friend tried diligently to illustrate how the game was rigged…….how BOTH Rebuplican and Democrat parties were NOW the same…………..and how they both only existed as a mechanism to make us THINK we actually had a choice, when in fact they BOTH give us the same results……….and how if we didn’t change OURSELVES FIRST………NOT the babysitters (politicians)……..all would be lost.

The reply from across the lunch table shocked him……………”OH!  You’re probably right.  But I don’t have time for all this man.  I’m trying to raise a family!”

What will it take before so many Americans pull their heads up out of the sand?  When will we rescue our “child” and take it back from the clutches of those we’ve HIRED, who are trying to murder it?!

Will it only be AFTER they hear about the abduction and brutal murder of their “child” on the evening news?


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