The Domino Effect; Syria And Iran Lead To World War

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Almost three years ago, I wrote “Will The Globalists Trigger Yet Another World War?” on the concept of the deliberate engineering of wars by elitists to distract the masses away from particular global developments that work to the benefit of the establishment power structure.    In that analysis, I concluded that since at least 2008, the powers that be (whether posing as Republicans or Democrats) had set in a motion a series of events that revolved around Iran and, most disturbingly, Syria that could be used to trigger a vast global war scenario. Today, unfortunately, it seems my concerns were more than valid, and circumstances evolving in that particular region are dire indeed.

Some people may argue that circumstances in the Mideast have always been “dire” and that it does not take much to predict a renewal of chaos. Admittedly, for the past six years, the American public has been treated to one propaganda campaign after the other testing the social waters to see if a sizable majority of the citizenry could be convinced to support strikes against Iran. The U.S. and Israeli governments have come very close on several occasions in rhetoric and in the buildup of arms to just such an event. However, I would submit that the previous threats of war that came and went are absolutely nothing in comparison to the danger today.

Syria’s civil war has developed into something quite frightening, well beyond the blind insurrections of the so-called “Arab Spring.” So many outside interests (especially U.S. interests) are involved in the conflict that it is impossible to tell whether there are actually any real revolutionaries in Syria anymore. This unsettling of the country’s foundation has taken a turn that I warned about recently: namely, the removal of U.N. monitors from the area, which was announced only days ago.

The removal of U.N. monitors is a sign that some kind of strike is near the horizon.

Accusations of potential “chemical weapons stores” in Syria are being floated by the Department of Defense as a clear-cut rationale for invasion, and Israel has essentially admitted that an attack on Iran is not only on the table but beyond planning stages into near implementation. Even Israeli citizens are openly worried that their government is “serious” this time in its calls for pre-emptive attack, stockpiling gas masks and even protesting against the policy.

The tension of the atmosphere surrounding this crisis is unlike anything the Mideast has seen in decades, and that includes the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

But before we can understand the true gravity of this situation, we must first confront some misconceptions.

First, I realize that many people have natural and conditioned inclinations towards the hatred of Muslim nations. Just as many people are inclined to distrust the intentions of the government of Israel. Both sides make good points on occasion, and both sides also have a tendency to get lazy. They paint with a ridiculously broad brush and blame all the woes of the world on one side or the other so that they don’t have to think through the complexities of globalism and the one-world technocratic club or accept that al-Qaida is not the biggest threat to peace and stability. It’s much easier to convict an entire race or an entire religion than it is to comprehend the mechanizations of an elite minority that plays both sides off each other.

Whatever side you may favor, simply know that, in the end, the sides are irrelevant. We could argue for months about who is just, who is right, who was there first, etc. Again, it’s irrelevant. What does matter, though, are the potential consequences of an exponential conflict in the region, which no one can afford.

Sadly, plenty of Americans still believe the United States is the “richest nation on the globe” and that it has finances beyond reckoning with which to wage endless wars.

Here’s what will happen if the United States, NATO or Israel enters into a war with either Iran or Syria.

Syria And Iran Will Join Forces

In 2006, Iran and Syria signed a mutual defense treaty in response to the growing possibility of conflict with the West. Both countries are highly inclined to fulfill this treaty, and it would seem that Iran is already doing so — at least financially — as Syria spirals into civil war. In fact, the U.S.-supported insurgency in Syria was likely developed in order to strain or test the mutual aid treaty. Given that the Council on Foreign Relations is now applauding al-Qaida for its efforts in destabilizing the country, I hardly find it outlandish to suggest that the entire rebellion is being at least loosely organized by NATO interests to either draw Iran into open military support of Assad and a weakening proxy war or to remove Syria from the equation in preparation for a strike on Iran itself.

Iran Will Shut Down The Strait Of Hormuz

With all the grandstanding at the Department of Defense, you would think that the Hormuz is a non-issue. This is a mistake. The strait is about 21 miles wide at its narrowest point, which lays right off the coast of Iran. However, of that 21 miles, only two safe shipping lanes are available, each measuring a miniscule 2 miles across. Hormuz is one of two of the most vital oil transit checkpoints in the world; about 20 percent of all oil produced passes through it. The logistics for blocking the two working shipping lanes on the strait are simple, given the existence of the new Ghader missile system, which Iran tested successfully this year. The weapon is specifically designed as a “ship-killer” with the ability to travel at Mach 3 and evade most known radar methods.

In the tightly boxed-in waterways of the Hormuz, a large-scale and difficult-to-track missile attack would be devastating to any navy present and would turn the sea lanes into a junk yard impossible to navigate for oil tankers. The result would be a catastrophic inflationary event in oil around the world, making gasoline unaffordable for most people and most uses.

Israeli Action Will Draw In The United States

Forget what the Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says; the United States will absolutely involve itself militarily in Iran or Syria following an Israeli strike. To begin with, there is no way around a supporting or primary role, especially when Iran closes the Strait of Hormuz. With 20 percent of the world’s oil supply on hiatus, at least half of the American populace will be crying out for U.S. military involvement. That’s guaranteed. Dempsey’s claim that Israel may not get American support is simply a charade meant to imply that the subversion of Syria and Iran is not necessarily a joint venture, which it absolutely is. There is zero chance that an Israeli strike will not be met with frantic calls by the Pentagon and the White House to open the floodgates of U.S. military might and protect one of our few “democratic allies” in the Mideast.

Syria Will Receive Support From Russia And China

The Russian government has clearly stated on numerous occasions that it will not step back during a strike against Syria. Russia has begun positioning naval ships and extra troops at its permanent base off the coast of Tartus, Syria, a development I have been warning about for years.

Tartus, Russia’s only naval base outside the periphery of its borders, is strategically imperative to the nation. Action by the United States or Israel against Syria would invariably elicit, at the very least, economic retaliation, and at the most, Russian military involvement and possible widespread war.

China, on the other hand, will likely respond with full-scale financial retaliation, including a dump of U.S. Treasury bonds (a move it has been preparing for since 2005 anyway). With oil prices skyrocketing due to increased Mideast distress, multiple countries including the BRIC trading bloc nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and most member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations trading bloc will have the perfect excuse to dump the dollar, allowing the International Monetary Fund’s newly revamped SDR (Special Drawing Rights) global currency mechanism to take hold.

Syria is the key to what I believe will be an attempt on the part of globalists within our government to actually coax a volatile conflict into being — a conflict that will create ample cover for the final push toward global currency and, eventually, global governance.

Economic Implosion Will Become Secondary To The Banksters’ Benefit

In the minds of the general public, the economic distress we will soon face regardless of whether there is ever a war with Iran and Syria will be an afterthought, at least for a time, if the threat of global combat becomes reality. The fog of war is a fantastic cover for all kinds of crimes, especially the economic kind. Sizable wars naturally inhibit markets and cause erratic flux in capital flows. Anything can be blamed on a war, even the destruction of the U.S. economy and the dollar. Of course, the real culprits (international and central banks) that have been corrupting and dismantling the American fiscal structure for decades will benefit most from the distraction.

Syria and Iran are, in a way, the first dominos in a long chain of terrible events. This chain, as chaotic as it seems, leads to only one result: Third World status for almost every country on the planet, including the United States. That will allow the financial institutions, like monetary grim reapers, to swoop in and gather up the pieces that remain to be fashioned into a kind of Frankenstein economy. A fiscal golem. A global monstrosity that removes all sovereignty whether real or imagined and centralizes the decision making processes of humanity into the hands of a morally bankrupt few.

For those on the side of Israel, the United States and NATO and for those on the side of the Mideast, Russia, China, etc., the bottom line is: There will be no winners. There will be no victory parade for anyone. There will be no great reformation or peace in the cradle of civilization. The only people celebrating at the end of the calamitous hostilities will be the hyper-moneyed power addicted .01 percent who will celebrate their global coup in private, laughing as the rest of the world burns itself out and comes begging them for help.

–Brandon Smith


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