The Frog the Scorpion and the Republican Party

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For those that have never heard this little proverb, it goes something like this: once there was a frog and a scorpion. The frog was sitting on his lily pad in the middle of the pond soaking up the summer sun. But his peace was interrupted when he heard a voice shout “Hey Frog!”. As the frog turned on his lily pad to see who was yelling at him, he saw his old enemy the scorpion sitting on the shore of the pond. The frog replied “What do you want scorpion?!” To which the scorpion replied “Frog, please come over here and give me a ride to the other side of the pond.” The frog replied “Do you take me for a fool? You’re the Scorpion!! As soon you get on my back, you will sting me and kill me!” To which the scorpion replied “Frog, don’t be silly.  That wouldn’t be at all a prudent thing for me to do it. Because if I sting and kill you, I would drown. So you see, it would make no sense at all for me to sting you, for I would only be killing myself as well!”. This seemed to make sense to the frog. So the frog paddled over to the shore and allowed the scorpion to jump on his back. Halfway across the pond the frog felt the searing pain of the Scorpion’s sting.

The frog turned with shock and amazement and looked at the scorpion and shouted “SCORPIAN!!  what you’ve done?” The scorpion replied “Isn’t it obvious Frog,  I have stung you.”  But the frog said “Why would you do such a thing?!” You have killed me, and now you yourself will drown and die!!”  To which the scorpion replied “Yes Frog, I know.” The frog said “Well, then why would you do such and INSANE thing? To kill not only me but yourself as well!” The Scorpion responded in a low sinister tone, “Because, you see Frog…………, THAT is my nature.”

When I look around and I see the shambles that have been made of this wonderful and amazing country – the wreckage that is our economy – the desolation that is our school system – the mockery that is our judicial system… In the final analysis, I must lay it all at the feet of the Republican Party. Those who know me, and my conservative views, might well ask ‘how in the world could you make such a claim? How could you blame the Republican Party for what is going on now? Clearly it is the Democrats – the Liberals, who have gotten us into this disastrous state!’ And to a large degree they would be right.

But you see, I look at the Democrats and their liberal views much like I view the scorpion in our story. The Democrats are expected to do such things. The Democrat party cannot exist without the creation of fear and dependency. It cannot survive without creating enmity and division between races. It gathers power from creating jealousy within low income groups against high income groups. It gathers authority from lying outright about things like global warming, homosexuality, divorce rates, and minority oppression and rampant racism. From a Liberal Democrat’s perspective, whatever is bad for this country is good for them!

So when I look around and I see the social and financial carnage wrought upon this once prosperous and peaceful country, it would be logical to point the finger at the Liberal Democrat. That’s a natural thing to do, because they are the scorpion, and I expect that kind of behavior from the scorpion. It is their nature. But that would be too easy…too pat.

So before I start pointing my finger at the scorpion, let me offer my view of the  innocent frog….. The Republican Party. This is the party that holds themselves out as the party of morality, the party of righteousness, the party of truth justice and the American way.  This is the party that for the last eight years has capitulated in the name of bipartisan peace – “can’t we all just get along”.  When a member of their ranks has been caught in a moral, social or sexual compromise – unlike the Democrats – they have run them out of their ranks on a rail. But these ‘upstanders’ have been given chance after chance after chance for almost a decade, to translate all that ‘high-ground morality’ into real world initiatives to represent the voice of the people.  So, what have they done to avert us from the abyss? – to protect us from the scorpion?      Nothing!

It isn’t as though they haven’t heard their constituency. It isn’t as though they’ve not understood the megaphonic voice screaming the intent of the people who voted for them. Because clearly, we have seen them stare directly at the core conservative character of their party – look them squarely in the eye and given them the single digit salute! I’m proud to say I voted for George W. Bush…….twice. And in giving credit where credit is due, he has kept this country safe. But while claiming to be a fiscal and social conservative, his administration ended up hemorrhaging more cash than LBJ ever thought of. For six legitimate years out of eight, the Republicans dominated Washington. But they have only been posers…giving us lip service.

During those years they made a show of wagging their finger at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And yet failed to use their majority authority to substantively take to task Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Harry Reid and all the rest of their cronies while they lied outright and ran roughshod over the tenants of fiscal responsibility – allowing them to dig  a hole out of which this country may never be able to climb. They made great and blustering promises of a protective wall along our southern border, to avert the financial and criminal threats bearing down on us. Yet the tide of illegal immigration continued only to rise, as it now roars across our borders – taking hostages for ransom – killing border patrol agents and innocent civilians – destroying private property, and contributing to the threat of national security. All the while, garnering rights and entitlements paid for by our tax dollars.

And as a final act of betrayal to those who placed their trust in the Republican Party, they abdicated the 2008 presidential election. Instead of realizing the credibility they had lost  – instead of seeing the disillusionment in their party’s base and offering a candidate that would serve to re-energize Republican voters – instead of offering up a fresh and vibrant  face that would be a counter to the tall, handsome, suave and articulate Obama, they gave us John McCain. John McCain is a true patriot and war hero. John McCain is courageous and battle hardened. But by all accounts of conservative journalists, commentators and analysts, he was absolutely the worst possible choice to be the Republican candidate.

From where I sit, the Republican Party has not just been neglectful, clumsy, or inept. They have been overtly contributory and complicit in digging the bottomless pit into which we find ourselves in a free fall today. And the thing that I find most distasteful, is the monumental, unforgivable hypocrisy that has saturated their behavior. As I said, we would have expected these things from the scorpion. Their stinger is always in plain sight. But as we feel the searing pain of a vicious stab in the back, we turn to see the knife is in the hand of the confidant.


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