The Racist Hammer

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I was driving in my car through a school zone yesterday at 50 miles and hour.  I zipped past the flashing yellow light, and almost clipped a crossing guard while I texted on my cell phone as the kids scattered.

As I blasted out of the school zone, I heard a “chirp chirp” sound from behind my car.  I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the flashing red and blue lights of a police car.  But I really needed to get my texting finished, so I just ignored it, and sped up.

After about a quarter mile or so, I heard the cops siren go off, so I signed off on my text, and pulled the car over.  The police car screeched to a halt behind me and I heard the door of the police car slam shut as the cop angrily approached my car……his hand on his gun.

By the time he got to the window, I had it rolled down.  “SIR!!  LICENSE AND INSURANCE CARDS PLEASE!!!” he yelled……red faced.  I looked right at him and said “You KNOW the only reason you’re stopping me, is because I’m black!!!”

As soon as the words left my mouth, he got this really perplexed look on his face, and said “Excuse me?!!”  I said “You know I’m right.  You’re just a racist and stopped me because I don’t look like you!”

The cop moved up a bit to be squarely opposite my window…….he slowly and deliberately examined my face, and said “Sir, you’re not black.  You’re as white as I am!”  I said “Yeah, I know.  But it seems to work really well for black people who want to get out of stuff, so I thought I’d give it a try.”

OK……so I made all that up.  I didn’t run amok in my car, didn’t get stopped, and I’m not black.  But you get the point.  The “racist” get-a-free-pass card has become a lethal weapon……a hammer used to bludgeon back truth, justice and the American way.  Too many times a black American is called to take responsibility, and they claim “racism”.  In far too many circumstances when a black American doesn’t win, some black advocacy group claims  “racism”.

The “racist hammer” is rampant!  If a black senator is caught with his hand in the till, calling him out on that is racist.  If a black preacher damns America and you take offense at that, you’re a racist.  If a black carjacker leads police on a high speed car chase – damaging property and endangering innocent lives – when the police finally tackle him – throwing him to the ground to handcuff him, the cops are racists.  When a black prostitute is hired to entertain at a college athletic team party – she can accuse the team of rape with impunity, because they are white racists.

When a black senator claims to have been spat upon while walking through a crowd of white protestors, his allegations go unchallenged – in spite of the fact that the hundreds of still, news video and cell phone cameras present at the time, recorded no such action. But the claim goes unchallenged in the public forum, because the protestor was “racist”.

The “racist hammer” has gotten so out of control, that when someone just disagrees with a black American, it’s now called “racism”.  And the proof of that couldn’t be any more glaringly obvious than the smear liberally slathered on all the citizens who disagree with the policies of this current President.  Never mind that he is spending this country into oblivion by spending 3 times more money in 1 year, than his predecessor did in 8………anyone who disagrees with that….”RACIST!”

The tediousness of it all is becoming overwhelming.  It’s as though there is this small child……who every time it is disciplined, or denied ice cream, or made to clean up it’s room……gets all red faced, stomps its feet and screams “YOU HATE ME!!  You  just  HATE ME!!  That’s why you won’t let me go out and play!!!”  And the parents – having been successfully manipulated – back down and give in.

The ruse has become so thread bare, I’m truly surprised people haven’t  just started responding, “Oh shut up, and be an adult!”  The “racist hammer” continues to be used to threaten, intimidate, injure and manipulate innocent people.  It continues to be the weapon of choice to defend bad behavior….to say nothing of the tarnish it puts on those truly credible and responsible black Americans, who also see it for what it is – a sham and a con. But we all continue to allow it..

Just as much as the bullied student who doesn’t stand up for him or her self continues to be bullied, so we too will continue to be bludgeoned, until we take a stand.

No longer should Americans of ANY color allow injustice and bad behavior to find defense or excuse behind the “racist hammer”.   It was once said “Right is right, and wrong is wrong, no matter WHO you are.”  Stop using the same lame excuse, and step up.

What’s that you say?  I’m a racist?  Shut up!


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