The Voices Of Occupy Wall Street / What They want

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Here is a short audio montage of the voices of the occupy Wall Street movement.  Below is a short bullet point synopsis of the demands, desires and intentions of these “harmless” people……………..

This movement is a clear and present danger.  We need to take them seriously, and at their word.

Read these, and then listen to the audio clip.

→ Obscenely rich is anyone who makes more than $200,000
→ Rich need to die
→ Eat the rich
→ Capitalism is immoral
→ Capitalism is based on oppression
→ We are trying to abolish capitalism
→ We can do much better than capitalism
→ A whole other world is possible and it is up to us to make it real
→ Bring back the guiotine and behead the rich
→ I wouldn’t give a F### if 911 happened 911 more times
→ I hope 911 happens again right now
→ We have weapons, we need to treat “them” (the rich) like enemy combatants
→ String up the bankers in the public square
→ We need communism
→ We need socialism
→ We need to take what is ours from the rich
→ Get a job you Jew
→ The word Jew is just like communism
→ We need to run the Jews out of this country
→ Jews are barbarians
→ Jews are not human
→ Jews are similar to communism
→ We can make demands – we are revolutionaries
→ Most of the people here are anarchists and revolutionaries
→ We need to collapse the American government
→ It’s revolution not reform
→ We just want our piece of the pie


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