What Level Playing Field?

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The Rev. Terry Jones has planned a “Burn A Koran” day for his church this Saturday, September 11….. the ninth anniversary of the Islamic attack on America. And, I would really like to say that I am stunned by the backlash of Rev. Jones announcement – but quite frankly I’m not. Rev. Jones has received over 100 death threats…..and there have been threats of violence and death to American Christians from all over the world – including threats from within our own country.

All of this hubbub has even caused the Dove Outreach Center’s website to be shut down because it apparently violates the terms of service of their Internet provider. Rev. Joneses other website islamisofthedevil.com has also been shut down. (I wonder…..if it had been called christiansareofthedevil.com, or alljewsmustdie.com, if it would still be up and running?)

The insurance provider for Pastor Jones’ World Outreach Center Church has seen fit to cancel its coverage. The bank that holds the churches’ mortgage has just called the rest of the balance due IMMEDIATELY. Gosh, it looks like there’s a lot of American institutions that believe in free speech, but only up until it draws controversy – then free speech has got to be stopped.

The announcement by Pastor Jones to burn the Korans REALLY struck a nerve with the FBI – who paid a visit to his church Thursday the 9th, with not one, but multiple FBI agents arriving in multiple vehicles – one of whom was reported to be a regional director.

The FBI spent about half an hour talking with Rev. Jones, but a church spokesman Wayne Sapp wouldn’t disclose what was discussed. And the agents leaving the church, wouldn’t talk to an Associated Press reporter either.

No one knows what was said. But I think it’s pretty safe to say that it WASN’T “Mr. Jones, we’re here to help protect your 1st Amendment rights.”

I’m not willing to take this opportunity to segue into all of the handwringing, and bemoaning of NATO and US officials about how this is the exact type of propaganda the Taliban uses to fuel their efforts – or how it would be used to incite violence against Christians in the United States – or even about how it would endanger our military in Iraq and Afghanistan – so on and so forth. That’s an entire other article.

What I do want to ask, is “Where is the evenhandedness, where is the level playing field, where is the equal time?!” Where was all of this indignation and outrage in 2009 when our own US military made a choice to burn Bibles sent to soldiers on base in Afghanistan?! OK…….admittedly there was a violation of “policy”…..”no evangelism” on the battle field.. But why didn’t they just send the Bibles BACK, instead of BURNING them?!

Maybe at the time you didn’t notice – or since that time you may have forgotten this rather poignant and telling incident, but I think even that low-level of notice gives testimony to the existence of a very distinct bias in this country within the media and Washington.

Bashing Jews and Christians is fair game. But for the two websites associated with Rev. Jones’s church that were shut down, anyone can find countless websites not just bashing, but actually threatening Christianity, the United States, Judaism, and free speech in general. How is it that all of this hate speech is still up and running, while Rev. Jones’ websites have been swatted with a sledgehammer?

Please make no mistake; this is not me defending Rev. Terry Jones. Personally, I think this was just a brazen attempt (and subsequent success) at getting the publicity that he hoped to get. Before this hit the front page, Jones’ church had only 40 or 50 members – two months from now I can almost guarantee that that number is probably going to skyrocket.

And why is it that Faisal Abdul Rauf – the spokesman for the 911 mosque – can go on Fox news just last night, and outright THREATEN Americans with statements about what could happen, if the Ground Zero mosque wasn’t approved? Rauf told Fox “But if you don’t do this right, anger will explode in the Muslim world”……and NOBODY in the press or federal law enforcement bats an eye?

When I go to Google, and simply type in “hate Christians” in the search bar, I get 388,000 results? And when I type” hate Jews”, I get 547,000 results? But when I typed in” hate Muslim” I got over 17,000,000 results!

With those kinds of numbers, it’s hard not to admit that there is an inordinate amount of hate in this world. But MY question is – with all this hate – why does it seem that the only hate that is condoned by the U.S. press and our own government agencies is hate against Jews and Christians?

Burn a BIBLE…….not a problem. Burn a KORAN, and the Feds show up!

Let’s face it, I mentioned our own military burning of the Good Book in Afghanistan, and everyone looks at each other and goes “when did that happen?” But some nut job in Florida with a church with only 50 members announces he’s going to burn a couple of Koran’s, and all of a sudden he gets visited by the FBI…. slammed by his insurance company… shut down by his Internet providers… condemned, maligned, and threatened by not only domestic, but GLOBAL agencies………….and basically has his Constitutional right of free speech crushed?

While at the same time, we have an Imam who wants to build a mosque almost on top of the very site where 3000 people died at the hands of Muslim extremists…all the while KNOWING that 70% of New Yorkers and Americans across the country are outraged….and then has the unmitigated gall to threaten violent retaliation unless they get their way.

Double standard? Yeah I think so.


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