What’s Really Going On In Wisconsin?

Filed Under (The HELL You Say!) by Ronald A. Darata on 24-02-2011

Whether the mainstream media wants to admit it or not, there are three primary forces that are driving the chaos that we see in the Middle East….. moving into Europe, and now manifesting itself in Wisconsin. These forces are the socialist communists, the world unions, and the Muslim brotherhood.

Admittedly each one of these factions has a distinctly unique and singular goal, with its own specific vision of what is now commonly referred to as the “one world government”. But for the sake of moving the “cause” forward, these three groups will temporarily set aside their differences and unite to work in concert with one another to achieve their goals………and then hammer out the details after they “WIN”.

Let’s talk about one of them………………………………..

When it comes to the unions, what we are seeing in Wisconsin today, is a critically pivotal moment for the general union movement in America. Because, if by some fortuitous turn of events Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin is able to make unions in Wisconsin’s government sector irrelevant, this could be the death knell for government employee unions everywhere.

This Tuesday morning on the Fox business network – on the Varney and Company show, Stuart Varney talked with pollster Scott Rasmussen about what’s going on with the protests in Wisconsin. Varney asked Rasmussen” what about the independent voter? That’s a key swing voter in American elections these days. Where do they stand on Gov. Walker’s proposal in Wisconsin?”

Rasmussen replied, “56% support the governor. Hardly any support the unions at this point in time. What we are seeing in independent voters all around the country, is a desire to rein in government spending, they support specific cuts; they’re ready to make changes. The question is, will there politicians follow?”

So, why wouldn’t the politicians follow such a sensible and practicle initiative? Simple…..most politicians have no…….uh, let’s just say they are basically cowards. If they have a choice of doing the right thing and maybe not get reelected…OR….cave on an issue just to stay popular with their constituency…….guess which one most will choose.

SO……………………………..Let’s make sure we understand that what we see going on in Wisconsin, because it’s NOT what the President and media are trying to make us believe.

The “union” in the spotlight here is not at all the same thing as a private-sector union…….you know, going up against those big bad bloodsucking executives at General Motors, or “Big Oil”.

The “union” we’re seeing in Wisconsin, is the GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEE’S union……and they’re not going up against some $500 thousand dollar a year fat cat CEO, they’re going up against YOU…… and me, and everyone else that pays taxes. Keep in mind also, that the members of those government employee unions make – on average – TWICE what you and I make………….and yet their paychecks are BEING FUNDED BY OUR TAXES!!

Even the Godfather of the Democrat party Franklin Delano Roosevelt said that the entire concept of unionizing government employees could not possibly work. FDR…..”All government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service. It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations when applied to public personal management. The very nature and purposes of government make it impossible for administrative officials to represent fully or to bind the employer in mutual discussions with government employee organizations. The employer is the whole people.”

“THE EMPLOYER IS THE WHOLE PEOPLE.” Translation…………” The taxpaying citizens of the United States is the BOSS.” These people that are demonstrating and striking and causing all of this chaos in Wisconsin are doing it squarely and directly against you and me! Make no mistake about that, because “The Boss” is US.

We are their employer, and they are demonizing us. And one of their great supporters is Obama himself – demonizing us when it comes time to sit down and really talk about things. From his perspective, you and I are the equivalent of Ford Motor Company, or Exxon oil management. When you hear these demonstrators talk about those evil bloodsucking bosses, and about how Gov. Scott “HITLER” Walker wants to destroy the unions and collective bargaining…………they’re talking about us……WE are the evil boss!

Gov. Walker does not have the intention, nor the power, to really harm labor unions in this country today. But what he does want to do is lower government spending in his state, while bringing equity to “payment versus production”.

And one of the ways to accomplish that is by bringing government employee pay scales in line with how the rest of the country is getting paid for what they do. The average government worker in Wisconsin earns TWICE what the average U.S. worker makes. And there’s a reason why Arlington Virginia and many of its surrounding counties in the DC area are the wealthiest in the country – and are not experiencing in any way any of the recessionary hardships that you and I are experiencing.

The reason is that a huge majority of the population in those areas are government employees. They have in many ways gamed and scammed the system, under the guise of public service….and this event in Wisconsin, is starting to reveal who they really are.

They aren’t teachers!! They aren’t firemen! They aren’t police officers! They are people who have gamed the system, in an attempt to be paid for very little work – and then after doing very little work, they RETIRE with a golden pension and health care program paid for by you and me!

Richard Trumka – head of the AFL-CIO – admits in his own words that he meets with “individuals in the White House about 2 to 3 times a week”. A recent report has just revealed that in the first 24 months of Obama’s administration, there were one third of White House Cabinet members who were NEVER contacted by the President….. 30%?! If the president wasn’t getting advise and input from these people, then where was he getting it?

Obviously the president is getting advice from someone…….. Richard Trumka admits to being at the White House 2 to 3 times a week (or close to 300 times in 24 months)

Andy Stern, president of the SEIU is signed in on the White House Guest Book more than ANY other individual since Obama took office!

And yet 30% of White House Cabinet staff say they hadn’t even been contacted by the President during his first 2 years in office? Can anybody tell me what’s wrong with this picture?!

By those numbers, we have every logical reason to surmise that the President of United States is regularly interacting with – and seeking advice from union leaders – possibly more advice than he seeks from his own cabinet (the ones he talks to anyway) . So, when Obama is asked questions about what’s going on with Gov. Scott Walker, and Wisconsin, where do you think he’s getting his talking points?

Folks, make no mistake, this is not an evil state governor trying to destroy people’s right to collective bargaining. This is not – as some in the media have referred to him as – Hitler! This is just a governor who is basically saying “I don’t want to destroy the jobs of the government employees of this state. What I do want to do is reduce this government’s spending, and protect their jobs, by simply paying these employees by the same levels and standards that John Q public gets.”

I don’t know about you, but personally I have never once in my life seen an employee that makes TWICE as much as their boss. And when it comes to this situation in Wisconsin, Gov. Walker makes it crystal clear that “the boss” is the citizenry of the state of Wisconsin.

Just that perspective alone, should earn Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker a standing ovation from me and all my fellow working stiffs in this country!


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